15 things you shouldn’t post on social media

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Whether we like it or not each time we post something it adds to our personal brand via the principle of association. Photos, links, quotes, or the quizzes that we take are all co-branded with our names. There’s no escaping it and we really have to be more responsible with the content that we share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Friendster. Here are 15 common “stuff” that a lot of people post on their social media accounts which just damages their personal brand. Feel free to add to the list by hitting the comments section.

1. Photos of you with the opposite gender in a party and your partner doesn’t know about it.

2. Fighting online in social media with your loved ones (family, spouse, friends, etc). The only one who’s looking like an idiot here is you.

3. Any content related to vices that you do, i.e. “I was so drunk last night I passed out and woke up in another house.” or “Lost 3,000 on Poker. Sucks.”

4. Using Foursquare to check-in to show everyone that you’re in controversial places like Victoria Court or motels. D’oh.

5. Uploading photos of your ex even if you’re currently in a relationship with a new person. This has disaster written all over it.

6. Spamming the walls of your network with quizzes that you take. This can get really annoying. Nobody really cares about what your favorite sex position is or what x-men character you are.

7. Spamming the walls of your network with Farmville, Mafia Wars, and other games.

8. Rant about co-workers on micro-blogging platforms. For those in Plurk, even if you put it on private and select only a few people to see it that’s still kinda useless because all it takes is one

9. Rant about co-workers on YM status (grow up, please).

10. Rant about your boss on social media. I once had a friend who was shocked because Google Alerts picked up a blog post that he made about his boss. He got a massive dressing down the next day.

11, Complain about your workload. There are ways of saying this nicely. If you always make it look like you’re having a hard time then people will think you’re not getting the job done as opposed to you being a hard worker.

12. Posting links to porn on social media.

13. Posting pornographic photos on social media. Number 12 and 13 shows that you have no respect for the opposite sex and this is a huge affront to a lot of your contacts in your network.

14. Arguing with other people about religion online. Faith is personal. If you want to bring your friends closer to your God, do it in a more personal manner. The best testimony is always your life. You don’t have to hard sell if your life reflects your faith.

15. If you don’t believe in a rumor or an entry by someone on your network, don’t re-post it. Be responsible with what you re-post because you’re literally endorsing it to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Out of the 15 things that I posted, let me just emphasize number 15. Always remember that politicians, marketers, and PR practitioners are trying to engineer viral campaigns. Make it a point to check the veracity of anything you’re posting, especially if it’s a negative take on something.

Like what I said at the start, feel free to add to the list by hitting the comments section below. Cheers!

15 Responses to “15 things you shouldn’t post on social media”

  1. Ishmael Ahab

    My take is this:

    Responsible use of the internet is the real key. Many people are so careless that many people get negative views about them. There are those who placed sensitive information on social networking sites.

    The rule is, sensitive information are like bombs that will explode under your feet anytime because contents in the net may last beyond our life time and is just waiting there to be googled by anyone who knows us personally.

    • New Media Philippines

      I think majority of people really aren’t aware of how social media can impact their lives (not just personal, but also their careers and businesses). Agree with you about the bombs waiting to explode idea. Very good analogy.

  2. Dodge

    My mom’s rule is:

    If you write anything, either on paper or on email or on Facebook, it will always land in someone’s hands.

    Great post, Carlo!

  3. rowie

    Regarding #15: I’m not sure if this is accurate, but I read somewhere that posting a link to a libelous story might make one liable for libel as well.

  4. WebGeek

    12. Posting links to porn on social media. meron mga ganito ko nakikita kaso mga semi porn lang just for fun

  5. dinjo

    Just like the “11th Commandment,” Thou shall not be caught. Haha. But then again, there’s nothing you can be caught in if you don’t do something wrong/bad.

    Although you don’t have some friends that you trash in your network, a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend might be and can still find out what you wrote about him/her.

    Let’s all be responsible netizens:)

    Thanks for this, Carlo!

  6. Arnold Gamboa

    My personal rule: If it’s not beneficial to all, don’t bother posting at all. Sometimes — and this is a personal experience — we think that by ranting about someone within your network you’re doing him/her harm. On the other hand, it’s the opposite: it’s doing you harm because you’ll look stupid in the eyes of the rest of those who can see you rant about things they don’t even understand :D

  7. Carla

    Great article, Carlo. I have a lot of colleagues, former coworkers, and family friends on my Facebook — so to be extra sure (though I’ve done this already), I’ve kept my 6′s and 7′s private.

  8. New Media Philippines

    @Arnold: “On the other hand, it’s the opposite: it’s doing you harm because you’ll look stupid in the eyes of the rest of those who can see you rant about things they don’t even understand.” Quotable quote right there bro!

    @Carla: Thanks for the comment!

  9. Warhammer

    Posting where you’ll be / or where you are. (Like “I’ll be in Boracay next week, see you there!”) Since you wouldn’t know if your friend’s account has been hacked, or your “friend” is actually a fiend posing as your friend.

    Someone might just be lurking and fishing for info about your whereabouts…

  10. iCool

    how about saying “I love you” and other cheesy things to your bf/gf by tagging him/her on a post(FB)? acceptable or not?


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