A Classic Case of Twitter Hashtag Hijacking #FAP2012

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If there’s one thing you can learn from all the memes it’s that a lot of netizens are very creative, disruptive, and irreverent. They have an eye for anything they can twist and transform, which is the reason why the content you put out is always in danger of being hijacked by the general public. A good example just happened recently with the Franchise Asia Expo 2012 with the event hashtag #FAP2012. This afternoon it became the “online talk of the town” and it even trended briefly! Unfortunately majority of the people tweeting with the hashtag weren’t talking about the convention. They were talking about something completely different.

I’ll just let the tweets talk for themselves. :)

I’m sure this didn’t have any major effect on the conference but the hashtag definitely provided entertainment for the Filipino Twitterverse on a lazy Thursday afternoon.

[UPDATE] We decided to get the stats for the tweets using the #FAP2012 hashtag and the #FranchiseAsia hashtag since some people are contesting that most of the tweets using the hashtag weren’t related to the conference. Here are the numbers.

We were told that #FranchiseAsia trended but with those numbers I’m highly doubtful that it did (kindly correct me if I’m wrong with a screenshot). Lastly, if you do a Twitter Search on #FAP2012, majority of the tweets are making fun of the conference hashtag and aren’t related at all to the talks.

6 Responses to “A Classic Case of Twitter Hashtag Hijacking #FAP2012”

  1. Chinie

    LOL! Unfortunate hashtag choice, but there you go… :D Never even knew that what “fap” meant til today, so this was both entertaining AND educational. :)

  2. Josiah

    I attended the conference, the second hashtag was introduced to us only towards the last 20% of conference, this piece of missing info can allow readers a more objective analytical view Carlo.


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