Avoid Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card fraud is very much real here in the Philippines. A lot of us think that this is an issue that’s far away in the US where a lot of people use credit cards but there are unscrupulous individuals and groups here in Manila that try their best to steal your identity so they can make a quick buck. An article posted on ABS-CBN News narrated how a woman was victimized by credit card fraud when she gave a photocopy of her HSBC credit card to someone who said that she would help with processing her credit card for a different bank. Eventually that someone disappeared and the lady’s HSBC card got charged with a laptop purchase.

We have to be very careful with the information that we share with others especially in this day and age. How many times have you received an SMS from a number that you don’t know asking you to send “requirements” for a cash loan? One of the requirements is usually a photocopy of your credit card. Don’t get fooled for this. If you want to make a loan go to the bank yourself and skip the middleman.

Remember to be always cautious with your private information.

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