Belo Medical Group’s Belofied!: Most Downloaded app on iTunes

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Last June 19, The Belo Medical Group released a mobile app that shows their various products and services, Dr. Vicky Belo’s profile and their social network sites.  But what is so special about the Belofied app?

Belofy Me.

This option displays the user’s image being digitally transformed into “Belofied hunks and beauties.”  It lets you see what you’ll look like after undergoing botox or liposuction without feeling any pain!  You can “Expand,”  “Shrink” and “Mold” parts of your face or body.

A lot of users, including celebrities, seem to enjoy seeing their faces and bodies nipped and tucked here and there.


It was recently announced by Christalle Belo Henares that the Belofied is the most downloaded app in the medical category of Apple’s Appstore.

Here are some before and after pics taken from the Belofied! album of Belo Medical Group Facebook Page.

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