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I was invited to give a 45-minute talk on how to make money with blogging during the recent Blog World Philippines 2010 conference at Crossroads 77, QC. I was initially expecting around 500 participants but I was really surprised when I saw that the entire auditorium was filled to the brim! According to the organizers, more than 1,000 people actually attended the conference. The talks were actually divided into two groups. I had several speakers in my team who talked about making money through blogging which included multi-millionaire bloggers Philip Tiangson and Julius Sison. Financial blogger and fellow Atenean Tyrone Solee was also there to give a talk about his blog. The other group was led by my good friend and mentor Janette Toral and she talked about blogging for influence and power.

Full house at Crossroads 77 for Blog World Philippines 2010!

Let me just take this opportunity to thank the organizers for inviting me to share my experiences in this prestigious and big event. I felt very honored to be on the stage with the likes of Janette and the millionaire bloggers. The added bonus was that majority of the crowd were also students and I just find so much joy and fulfillment in talking to the next generation. So to the organizers – maraming salamat sa pag-imbita sa akin (thank you for inviting me).

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Q&A Time

Ms. Janette Toral giving her talk

Make Money Blogging
Bulk of my talk revolved around basic tips to get people started on how to make money online. I also shared a lot of personal experiences and learnings that I’ve had being a blogger and marketing consultant for the past few years. I’m not an expert in affiliate marketing so I didn’t delve into that. I talked more about how to make money via two ways: advertising and services. For a primer on how to make money through blog advertising, please check out my Make Money Blogging post. For driving traffic, you might want to check my Viral Blogging entry.

One of my main revenue channels right now is my Internet Marketing consultancy company and I built that using this blog, New Media Philippines. Selling services or products to a captured audience can be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling jobs ever. Especially if the product or service that you’re promoting is something that you’re very passionate about.

Blogging is not about reinventing yourself. It’s about taking what you love and owning it. It’s not just thinking out loud, it’s thought leadership. It’s channeling your passion into effort and eventually into financial security. If you do it properly, it will open up a world of opportunities that will just blow your mind away.

Here’s a short 2-minute talk I gave when I accepted the award for Professional Blog of 2009 for the DigitalFilipino awards. It’s a heartfelt testimony on what blogging has done for my career and my life.

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To make money blogging, you make yourself in the process. And that is something that is just priceless.

9 Responses to “Blog World Philippines 2010: Make Money Blogging Talk”

  1. Janette Toral

    Hi Carlo. I enjoyed your talk and learned a lot from it. I’m sure a lot of students got inspired from your story as well. More power to you!

  2. Jonha

    Wow, all the pillars of the Philippine Blogging Community in just one event. Your guests must have gained a lot of insight on how to effectively put your tips into action.

  3. mark lester b. gudoy

    hello sir ople,
    i would like to ask what is it all about? is this a money making blogging? i want to know it to earn because as of now, i have no job. thanks.


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