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Marketing & Advertising Communities Laud Philippines’ Success in the International Digital Arena

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PRESS RELEASE McCann World Group The Philippines’ marketing and advertising communities have spoken in unison to underscore the industry-wide importance and impact of the country’s first Platinum Award at the recent Asia Pacific Digital Media Awards (DMA). DMA is renowned. . .

Google stepping up their game in the Philippines

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If you’re a company that has digital advertising budget, chances are you’ve been approached already by a sales representative or business development officer from Google. I have at least three friends who work for SME’s in different industries who already. . .

PEP: Ad Overload? (Updated)

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So many... ads.

As most of you guys know I work for network and that means I have to be always in the know when it comes to the local “chismis” scene. One of the best sites to get this information from is. . .