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Journalists affirm the value of social media during Social Good Summit

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2012-09-22 10.59.04

Journalists from various networks affirmed the value of social media to their work during the Social Good Summit. Ces Drilon, Howie Severino, Josh Michael, and JV Rufino cited different examples during their individual 10-minute presentations. It was interesting to hear. . .

Moderating is more fun than speaking

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I was hesitant to accept the invitation or PRSP and IMMAP to moderate their PR Live Series featuring Brad Geiser, Norman Agatep, and Charlie Agatep because I never had experience moderating panels. I’m either part of it or watching it.. . .

Tayuan mo at Panindigan AksyonTV

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A few weeks ago I was invited by a new show called “Tayuan Mo at Panindigan!” on TV5′s news channel, AksyonTV 41. The topic was positive and negative effects of social media and technology. It was definitely one of the. . .

On giving talks and seminars

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I’ve been giving talks and seminars a lot for the past few months mostly on internet marketing in the Philippines as well as some inspirational/motivational pieces every now and then. I get to attend a lot of events and I’ve. . .

E.A.R. Cavite Campus Talk

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Sorry for not posting a while guys. I’ve been very busy with work and most of my blogging time went into Ondoy and other current issues that our country is facing. All of which you can read at my political. . .