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Google Nexus 7 Revealed

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The long wait is over. Google finally reveals the Nexus 7, a 7-inch tablet with a 1280 x 800 HD display and a pixel density of 216 pixels-per-inch. It comes with either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. The screen. . .

Meeting the Fathers of the Philippine Internet

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Fathers of Philippine Internet all under one roof

I was invited by to an “intimate” event at SMART last night to celebrate the 18th birthday of the Internet in the Philippines. I was initially expecting the usual flashy event complete with celebrities and major product announcements but instead. . .

Seriously Apple? Resolutionary?

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What is this... "resolutionary"?

Resolutionary iPad? Whut??? I love Apple. Ever since the first iPhone I’ve bought all the iterations of their major products almost yearly including the iPad and their MacBook Pro. The reason why I do this is because other than the. . .

Evernote: My “Idea Net”

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As a blogger on technology, new media, and trends I always try to explore as many gadget ecosystems as possible. I’ve been immersed in the world of Apple and iOS for the last few years so I decided to get. . .

SMART and Globe post tributes to Steve Jobs

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Smart posts a simple tribute to Steve Jobs

I was checking the SMART website because I’m going through the different phones they’re offering for postpaid for my office/professional line. One banner caught my eye though. They posted a simple tribute to Steve Jobs via a banner on their. . .

Avoid Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card fraud is very much real here in the Philippines. A lot of us think that this is an issue that’s far away in the US where a lot of people use credit cards but there are unscrupulous individuals. . .