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Nokia 70% Holiday Sale Update

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One of my good friends is currently at the Podium for the Nokia 70% Holiday Sale. There are only a few people line but the store is processing the orders a bit slow. I also heard from Twitter that the. . .

The iPad Accessory Guide

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The iPad is scheduled for official release in the Philippines this December. Thousands of Filipinos will probably get their hands on Apple’s tablet in the next few weeks. With the popularity of the iPad it’s not surprising that there are. . .

70% Nokia Sale on December 4!

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Rumors are going around about a Nokia 70% Holiday Rush Sale. Yep, it’s confirmed and it’s going to happen on December 4, 2010! After the C6 sale debacle I hope Nokia has learned their lesson and they will have better. . .

Dell Streak Initial Impressions

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I met with one of my friends earlier this afternoon and he showed me his latest gadget – the Dell Streak. It’s the first that I’ve seen here in the Philippines so I played around with it and took some. . .

Dropping the iPad

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Ever wondered what would happen if your iPad fell from the sofa to the solid hard marble floor? It would probably get a broken LCD at the very least if you didn’t have any good protective case/cover on it. Out. . .

Samsung Galaxy Tablet by SMART

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The Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tablet is finally coming to the Philippines! If you think about it the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is actually coming here first before the iPad since the Apple tablet isn’t officially being sold yet locally (most. . .

Eubiq Power Track Unboxing

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I finally got my review unit of the Eubiq Power Track last night! This was the gadget I talked about in my “Wires, wires, wires” blog article a week ago. This device is literally turning wire management and extension chords. . .

Wires, wires, wires!

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If there’s one thing I hate in any tech set-up it’s the number of wires scattered all over the desk or the table. That’s my current problem right now at home at my workstation and my home theater set-up. There. . .

Is the new Apple TV worth it?

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The new Apple TV still isn’t officially available in the Philippines yet but I was able to get a brand new unit today from PhilMUG. This device was announced by Steve Jobs during the Apple Music event a few months. . .

BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300) Launched

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Research In Motion (RIM) recently launched their newest offering – the BlackBerry Curve 3G (Model 9300). I think the biggest thing with this new model is that it’s already prepared for the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6. It will initially ship. . .

iPad Otterbox Defender Case Review

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The iPad Otterbox Defender is definitely one of the most secure and protective cases ever made for Apple’s tablet. I have to agree with ZDNET that the Otterbox Defender feels like putting the iPad in Batman’s suit. Why do I. . .

Meet the BlackBerry Bold 9780

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blackberry bold 9780

Research In Motion (RIM) recently announced the global launch of their newest smart phone: the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Based on the pictures and videos available, the 9780 looks like a more elegant and classier version of the BlackBerry Bold 9700.. . .

Goodbye Limewire

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Limewire, one of the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing applications in the world was recently given a court order telling them to stop distributing and supporting their software which allowed people to download various types of content (music, videos, etc.). . .

The New Macbook Air

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Steve Jobs recently announced the new Macbook Air at the “Back to the Mac” event. This was a highly anticipated release since the Macbook Air was due for an upgrade. Jobs unveiled two models for the Macbook Air – 13.3. . .