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Moves like Tayag

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eric tayag

Doctor Eric Tayag is known more for being one of the talking heads of the Department of Health here in the Philippines. We usually see him on newscasts giving tips on how to avoid getting hit with Dengue fever or. . .

The Origins of Vangie the Pinoy Siri

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Vangie, the Pinoy Siri

It started out as a joke. A group of officemates could not get Siri, the voice command system of the Apple iPhone 4S, to understand their commands. They played around with the idea of a Filipino version called “Vangie” and. . .

Viral Video “Follow-ups”

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Little Thor in action!

One good way of doing viral marketing is to take advantage of any video that’s currently making a huge wave on social networks. In order to make the most of this though you have to react pretty fast and put. . .