Chris Lao endorser for… the FOI bill?

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Remember Chris Lao? Yes, we’re talking about the guy who became the victim of mob cyber bullying and bad reportage who then turned it around by becoming an endorser for a bank (lol). It looks like he has a new endorsement. This one isn’t an actual product though but something much closer to his heart (he’s a lawyer). Check out Chris’ new e-poster supporting the FOI (Freedom of Information bill).

Go Chris! :)

2 Responses to “Chris Lao endorser for… the FOI bill?”

  1. el toro bumingo

    Astig si Atty. Christopher Lao ah! Advocate na ngayon. At least, may nangyari ding mabuti out of his experience. Tulad ng famous line n’ya, “we should all be informed” :)


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