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I gave a free webinar 2 weeks ago for the Certified Digital Marketer Program (Ateneo and IMMAP) about the potential of Digital Marketing Careers in the Philippines. The presentation got a lot of good feedback so I turned the keynote into some sort of short eBook. It has my notes and comments so that you can understand what I was trying to say even if you didn’t catch the webinar. The eBook is 100% free. To download it just download the Social Media Guide for Filipino Entreps eBook (form is on the sidebar to the right). The Digital Marketing Careers eBook is bundled there. :)

Here’s a screenshot of one of the slides:

Hope you guys like this! :)

PS: Thanks to Adobo Magazine for writing about the webinar! Click here to read the write-up.

6 Responses to “Digital Marketing Careers in the Philippines eBook”

  1. Xavi

    I hope they do this from now on! I wasn’t able to make it to this session as well, so this helps. Most of the speakers from Iast years IMMAP uploaded their decks, it would make sense for this webinar series to do the same. Cheers! =D

  2. jay

    I tried dowloading the ebook but when I sign up an error occured:

    “Mailing List Not Active

    This mailing list is not currently active.
    Please push the “Back” button and notify the website owner.”

  3. Alma

    Hi! Is it still available for download? If yes, how? The download form for the “Social Media Guide for Filipino Entreps eBook” doesn’t seem to be available anymore…


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