Evernote: My “Idea Net”

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As a blogger on technology, new media, and trends I always try to explore as many gadget ecosystems as possible. I’ve been immersed in the world of Apple and iOS for the last few years so I decided to get find out what Android had to offer. I’ve tried several Android handsets including the Smart Netphone 701, Samsung Galaxy Y, HTC Desire S, and the Samsung Galaxy Note. In terms of tablets I’ve also been playing around with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. Parallel to both my “relationships” with iOS and Android, I’ve always carried a BlackBerry smartphone with me because it’s one of the most reliable, convenient, and easiest-to-type-on devices ever made. Next year I plan on checking out what Windows Mobile has to offer as well. Across all of these platforms there is one app that I end up using, and actually using the most. What’s the app? Evernote.

What’s Evernote?

In a nutshell Evernote is a multimedia notebook that’s hosted on the cloud. This means that this syncs across ALL OF YOUR DEVICES. There’s Evernote for BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Mac OSX, and Windows. You can upload photos, videos, and audio on your notes as well making it truly a multimedia experience.

What do I use it for?

Evernote is what I lovingly call my “Idea Net”. I get tons of ideas everyday for different aspects of life. This can be for work, blogging, personal, finance, or whatever. Most of time these ideas just fly away unless we have mechanisms to “catch” them and store them for review later on. I’ve made it a habit to constantly use Evernote each time I have a good idea. Remember that Evernote can be accessed anywhere as long as you can use your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Make Apps work for you

There are a lot of good apps available in the market today. Most of them are probably apps that will kill your time and productivity. However you need to maximize the investments you’ve made in technology so that you reap more benefits from it that just pleasure and enjoyment. Make the apps work for you so that your investment actually pays off.

I highly recommend Evernote. Download it today (it’s free) and try to figure out how you can use it and maximize it for everyday use. :)

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  1. Angelo

    Hi! I’ve always had a hard time avoiding paper and going digital until i tried out Evernote. Just sharing. Anyway, your blog is awesome. More power to you!


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