Gringo Honasan spars with Jim Paredes on Twitter

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Earlier today NewsBreak had a “twitterview” with Senator Gringo Honasan. In a “twitterview”, the guest is asked questions via Twitter by several panelists who are also all on Twitter. The discussion was moderated by NewsBreak’s Glenda Gloria (formerly head of ABS-CBN’s News Channel, ANC) and Twitterati @I_amHolo. The relatively peaceful interview became tense though when singer Jim Paredes started to trade barbs with Honasan. The exchange ended with the Senator tweeting “Get elected first, then let’s talk”. Here are the tweets:

Some tweets from Senator Honasan:

[blackbirdpie id="40970632170708993"]

[blackbirdpie id="40971862427189249"]

Some tweets from Jim Paredes:

[blackbirdpie id="40971645069819904"]

[blackbirdpie id="40976654373232640"]

For the full story, head over to NewsBreak.

5 Responses to “Gringo Honasan spars with Jim Paredes on Twitter”

    • Anonymous

      They should be debating about the spirit of EDSA lost in the shadow of bad democratic practices in the Philippines, not on persons who are merely victims.

  1. Trizzone

    Actually I was also reading the #tweetconph, and I even retweeted some of Jim Paredes’ tweets!

    I just hope many have learned from what was being discussed.

  2. skysenshi

    *Sigh* There are always two sides of the story. These are interesting tweets but with microblogging cutting thoughts down into 150 words, it looks like an argument between two elementary school kids.


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