How much will LTE (4G) cost in the Philippines?

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A report came out yesterday talking about the different prices of LTE (4G) in different countries all over the world. This is relevant news for us since SMART is working on rolling out their LTE service in 2012 (or 2013, nobody really knows). We’re currently part of the beta test and to say that this technology gives you ridiculous fast mobile internet is an understatement. The highest DL speed I’ve ever reached was around 40Mbps in Greenbelt, Makati City. You can literally download 700mb files in just a few minutes. Anyway with this kind of fast internet the question is how much will we pay monthly? Will this have a data cap? Based on the prices from other countries LTE access will definitely be priced at a premium and it will have a data cap.

SMART Evolution (4G LTE)

So how much is it per month?

The actual price is still fluctuating though depending on what part of the world you’re at. In the US, Verizon Wireless charges $80 USD (Php3,520) for 8GB of data. In Australia Telstra charges 30 Euro (Php1,650) for 8GB of data. According to the study the average monthly price for LTE is somewhere around the middle of this range, somewhere around Php2,500-Php2,700. That’s thrice the amount that you pay for Unlimited Data for postpaid plans here in the Philippines today.

Bottom line is…

If you’re the type that downloads a lot of stuff with your internet connection, stick to your DSL. Mobile internet, specifically 4G LTE, wasn’t made for that kind of use unless you’re willing to burn cash like there’s no tomorrow. This type of technology really is more for people who want to have reliable and fast internet connection while on the go.

Is there any chance that the cost will go down? Yes. Analysts say that LTE price will drop by 60% to around 20 Euro or Php1,200 for 8GB of data monthly in 5 years (around 2016).

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  1. Marck V.

    I applied for the Smart LTE beta test but I didn’t get any feedback :) . Anyway, people will pay for the fair price if the quality of service is superb or at least above average.


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