How to buy iTunes US Gift Cards in the Philippines

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Here’s a quick review of how to buy iTunes US Gift Cards in the Philippines. This actually came about after me getting insanely frustrated because I couldn’t get iPad apps because the iTunes Philippines store doesn’t support it yet. I did some research and eventually found good leads on PHILMUG. First, you’ll have to create a US account on the iTunes store (click for instructions). If you don’t have a US credit card, your next option is to redeem iTunes Gift Cards. These are like prepaid cards that come in the following denominations: $10, $15, $25, and $50.

Here are a few ways to get iTunes US Gift Cards:

1. Buy from PhilMUG forumers. The good thing here is that the forum peeps don’t usually slap an insane profit margin so you won’t get ripped off. Usually payment is done via bank deposit or Paypal.

2. Try PowerMac Centers. Some branches actually sell the cards but they do so with a big margin. The conversion is around $1 to P64-P66 instead of P45.

3. Buy from Maximus Cards online. Now this is my personal favorite. All you need to do is to first hook up and connect your local credit card to your Paypal account. Then head on over to the Maximus Cards website and buy the iTunes Gift Card of your choice. They also make a profit out of this but it isn’t too much since it will save you a lot of time and effort. After paying via Paypal, you get the card details via e-mail almost instantaneously. The most I’ve had to wait for a card is 2 minutes. :)

When you get your card details, go to iTunes and just click REDEEM and input the code. You should get the amount afterwards then shop all you want until you run out of credits.

27 Responses to “How to buy iTunes US Gift Cards in the Philippines”

  1. Debbie

    Aside from megamall and greenhills is there anywhere else i can find an prepaid itunes card?

  2. Kat

    I’ve tried Maximus Cards online and it’s been working for me. I usually get 2 emails – the first one says that there was a “problem processing the transaction”. Then the 2nd email (after a few minutes or hours) is the actual iTunes code.

  3. Joel Mendoza

    sa DataBlitz sa SM North EDSA – Annex Bldg. meron din. just bought one.

    • Zaldy

      I think they can cannot buy for apps, i think you need to buy the Itunes Web Apps card. then you can download any apps you want, i know itnues gift card can only download, music, movies or games.

      • Edu

        You are definitely misinformed! iTunes gift card can be use to purchase books in iBooks,: songs, Tones, audiobooks, movies, and TV series in iTunes, apps in AppStore(even in app purchase),

  4. diana

    Hi could I ask how exactly the card works? Ive been using an ipad fom my sister so her email account and stuff are progrmmed into it We’re both not very good with technology so we just ignored this and I continued to use the device If I buy a card, how do I purchase music or stuff in games exaclty? Do I need her email account? Thanks in advance and sorry for being so ignorant! :)

    • Mich

      Hi Diana,

      There’s a website that I came across with that has all the info and steps on how to set up a US iTunes account. They also sell iTunes card with a lower mark up and with various denominations from $15-$100. I hope this helps! Let me know if you want more info.


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