iCampus Apple Store in Ateneo

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I attended an event this morning at the Ateneo De Manila Universty and I was really surprised to see all the new buildings. What really caught my attention though was an Apple reseller store in the MVP building named iCampus! Whoa. I was soooo surprised to find something like that in a school so I took a photo with my BlackBerry, hehe.



The store is selling almost all of the Apple products being sold by other resellers – iPods, Macs, and some accessories like covers and cases. They also sell the various Apple applications like iWork, iLife, and the Snow Leopard OS. They also have a couple of branded earphones and headsets available.

I’m a huge fan of Apple and I absolutely love their products. However I’m not so comfortable with the idea of having an Apple store inside a school, hehe. How about you guys? What do you think?

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