IMMAP Open Mic Night (Pecha Kucha) Coverage (1/3)

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This is a 3-part blog series covering the IMMAP Open Mic Night (Pecha Kucha) held last November 10 at Craft in Fort Bonifacio. For this first entry I’ll share the lessons and insights I picked up from Jayvee Fernandez, Anna Oposa, Jay Jaboneta, Chay Saputil, and Andrew Yap. The second post will talk about insights from the next five speakers (Nasser, Brian, Ricky, Coy, & Pat). The last post will have the video of my entire talk. I wasn’t able to stay anymore to watch the other speakers so I don’t have any coverage on them. Sadness.

Anyway, let’s get started!

Jayvee Fernandez on Diving

Jayvee talks about one of his passions in life: DIVING!

Jayvee was the first speaker of the night and he definitely set the bar high! His presentation was fast, concise, and passionate. You can feel his love for the underwater world of the Philippines in every word of his talk. His presentation was also filled with a lot of pictures that will just make your jaw drop. Note that the photos and videos he showed were all taken by him during his dives.

I was blown away (again) by the beauty that’s underneath the Philippines. After hearing Jayvee speak I am stumped as to why there hasn’t been a major drive to push our diving spots as tourism hubs.

Jay Jaboneta on the Yellow Boats of Hope

Jay, the Social Media Firestarter!

Jay Jaboneta’s presentation was very inspiring and amazing. He shared with the story of how his Facebook post started a social media drive that would fund building several boats to help kids get to school in Mindanao. He then showed one of their biggest projects to-date: they were able to build a school! One photo he shared showed the school with several yellow boats on the coast. That just blew me away! I hope you continue doing what you do Jay. You’re making a difference.

Andre Yap from Ripple100

Andrew Yap talks about Brand Story Telling

If you’re a Digital Marketer you will appreciate Andre’s talk a lot. He shared how the main strategy of his agency is to attach brands to particular topics or emotions and then claim that space for the brand via story telling. It was a very different take on how to do digital and I haven’t seen any campaign like that yet here in the Philippines. Andre is moving back from the US to Manila and he’s setting up Ripple100 here in the Philippines. I’m looking forward to seeing the first few projects his company churns out!

Chay Saputil: “Because it’s there.”

Chay Saputil on her Digital Journey

I’ve worked with Chay before on the Web Safety Projects that Sonnie organized and it was really nice seeing her again on stage! She was her usual lively and energetic mood. There’s something infectious about her when she presents. Positive vibes all around! :)

During her talk, Chay shared her digital career journey. She started in the corporate world with Microsoft, retired and started her own consultancy gig, and she’s now doing digital for Wunderman (digital agency).

What I remember most though is the quote she shared. “Why climb Mount Everest? Because it’s there.”

Anna Oposa: “The Philippines is worth DIVING for!”

One of my favorite talks of the evening!

Anna’s talk is one of my personal favorites of the evening. As a presenter Anna is witty, passionate, and very intelligent. Every slide has a story to tell and each slide seamlessly flows into the next. This girl is an excellent story teller. She also has the right balance when it comes to humor and lecture. She is the first speaker I’ve ever listened to who talks about the environment that’s not boring and she even makes it cool! Two thumbs up Anna! You definitely rocked Pecha Kucha!

Some stuff about the event

Packed venue!

Before I wrap up this first post let me just give a shout out to IMMAP! You guys did a wonderful job with this event. I can’t wait for the next one! My only suggestion is that we should consider getting a bigger venue next time. Craft was packed to the point that it almost became a fire hazard, lol. I had a hard time getting in, getting out, and moving around. Other than that the event was amazing. :)

Parts 2 and 3 to come during the weekend. It’s already 2:00AM as of this writing and I need to sleep, lol.

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