iPad Accessories flood Greenhills

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I went to Greenhills this afternoon to look for an iPad case for my fiancee. I was expecting to see some stalls and vendors carrying cases but I was really surprised with the number of accessories available in the tiangge area in Vmall! The place was literally swarming with various leather and silicon cases which they probably got from Hong Kong. I found it a little bit funny though that the prices vary from stall to stall. Remember the brown leather folio that I bought before for P450? There was one vendor selling it for P350, another at P500, and several others at P700-P800. What’s even more ridiculous is that these stalls were side-by-side!

Anyway, the case I finally bought for Mich’s iPad was a black leather flip cover. You can detach the cover to make it look like your normal slip-on case or you can keep the cover on (buttons). The design is okay and I think it was a good buy at P450 (haggled down from P500). Note that the other vendors were selling this same thing for P700-P800. One was even selling at P900.

Here’s a bigger photo of the case with the cover detached:

ipad case greenhills

And here’s one more photo with the cover attached and closed:


For those who like to buy the “Class A” LV and Gucci bags, you can also check out the “Class A” LV and Gucci iPad back covers for P500 (lol). There were also several plastic back covers with different designs, colors, and shapes which you can get anywhere from P250-P800.

I guess my best advice for anyone who wants to go shopping for iPad accessories in Greenhills is to check several stalls for the price of one product before making the purchase.

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  1. PV Beley

    I am sure there will be more iPad accessories next month when the iPad os officially launched in Asia. Who knows? The pricing may become more sane as well.

  2. BBB

    Prices are insane for all the apple accessories. Apple brand made the impact and control the market price


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