Jack Madrid Clears the Air On the Multiply.com Announcement

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Last week Multiply.com’s CEO, Stefan Magdalinski, posted a letter on the site announcing that they would be removing the social networking functions of the site (blogging, photo sharing, etc) to pave the way for the complete transformation of Multiply into an e-commerce platform. Locally the news was met mostly with sadness since Filipinos are known to be very sentimental but in Indonesia the reception to the news was much worse. Apparently a lot of Multiply users in Indonesia were active users of the social networking capabilities of the site.

Jack Madrid, Multiply.com Country Manager for the PH

The announcement left a lot of questions up in the air, especially on what should we expect from Multiply.com moving forward. That’s why we grabbed the opportunity to to sit down and talk with Jack Madrid, Multiply.com Country Manager for the Philippines. During our discussion we talked about why the transformation came about, the reaction of the Multiply community to the announcement, and what can we expect from Multiply.com in the coming months. We broke up the interview into three short chunks for easier viewing and you can watch them all below.

Why the Announcement and Reaction of Users

Reaction of Multiply.com Merchants to the Announcement

What can we expect from Multiply.com this Year

Thanks again Jack for the time and we look forward to a bigger and better Multiply.com!

62 Responses to “Jack Madrid Clears the Air On the Multiply.com Announcement”

  1. Myscha

    “we look forward to a bigger and better Multiply.com!”

    Really? When you just upset a huge part of the membership? Good luck with that!

    BTW, note my home page. It used to be Multiply.com. So long and thanks for all the fish.

    • Susan

      Dear Mr. Madrid:

      I am in receipt of Stefan’s eviction notice. I have a few points to make:

      It is evident to me that you don’t comprehend the meaning of “blogging.” Thousands of folks were using Multiply as an on-line journal in addition to photo and media storage. In case you do not realize, the Multiply platform is the best available; nothing compares to it, nothing affords the wide-range flexibility and organization for those of us who use multimedia.

      If your marketplace is doing so well, why can’t the social platform, remain piggybacked as a pay site? I would have paid much more than the premium fee to remain in my “home.”

      Or, why couldn’t the social platform be leased or sold?
      The bottom line is: people don’t want to leave.

      I don’t think you understand the HUMAN aspect of your decision. There is more to business than generating capital.

      Multiply has enabled people from all over the world to meet and attempt to understand other cultures and beliefs. It’s not a question of the community being miffed or sad, it is a question of ethics and doing the right thing. I feel your decision is shortsighted.

      Stefan’s tome was received as cold and cruel if anything. It was a SHOCK to those of us who have been loyal users and who thrived here creatively. Visit my page as an example of what can be done here.

      I feel wholeheartedly that the demise of Multiply would be a tremendous, destructive waste. In addition, I believe it will ultimately affect your business.

      Sir, there must be a better way; surely there is another company out there that would consider picking up the parts of Multiply you no longer see as profitable or useful for your new endeavors.

      This is not about “photo storage.” It is far more than that.


  2. Peemee65

    So you were fixing on dumping us years ago?..Well thanks,all that staggered talking umming and ahhing..tells me “cagey”

  3. Dani

    So you have been around for two years, watching multiply, and you would have then seen that the sellers were actually Bloggers. You would have seen what the heart of the site was, and what mattered to ALL of the people in it, and yet, you have gone down the route of business suicide. And if all this wasn’t bad enough, you have all ignored the ones you have shafted, ignored our requests, hid away and not dealt with any of the issues.

    I am outraged after listening to your rubbish. Multiply was named as the MSN replacement, we were all encouraged to go there. the bloggers (even those outside of the USA) were the ones who got that site on the map.. and what do we get… we get a yellow letter, we get no recommendations of other sites, we get no tools to help us take our groups as they are to anywhere.. Two Years you have sat there watching, knowing what you were doing, and yet you lie to us all. Is it any wonder you have got sellers jumping ship. Two years you have sat there with a smug look on your face raking in the profits from premium accounts where forever storage was guaranteed, knowing you were going to take away social networking.

    You haven’t got a clue what your sellers want, and even less of a clue what the bloggers would want. Multiply should be renamed the titanic, because you have left yourself with a sinking ship. Only there was no iceberg, just NASPERS and their stupidity.

    Multiply was a world wide social networking platform that offered e commerce. There is nothing of its kind out there…. you had a niche, a real niche. Seriously, they send you all back to business school to look at what the word Niche means and it’s importance in the world market, especially on the internet.

    • Doug Noakes

      Jack Madrid seems surprised at the protests. Really?

      It seems we bloggers outside the Indonesian-Philippine area were roped into thinking this was a real social network site. It was sure set up that way. The business model if there ever was one seems to have been “see what works and then throw away the lot of ‘em that we aren’t making money from”.

    • Freeman

      Seen it all before. A site puts their corporate head on and promptly looses contact with users in pursuit of keeping investors happy. Wonder if Morgan Stanly or Standard and Poors gave them advice :)

  4. Dani

    Sorry a couple of added things in case anyone from the Multiply team of incompetents are paying any attention

    1. when are we going to have our export tools
    2. You have had two years, why were we not given any recommendations for sites, and why wasn’t a decent move over looked into, so that we didn’t lose group history
    3. Why are you all ignoring the social network vultures who are all attempting to get in touch with you regarding a move over to their site and a way to transfer groups
    4. if you have known for two years, why the hell did you lie to EVERYONE

    • roel

      Since two years? and no sign of any migration tool …Two years my @$$

      and that pathethic stef git..is laying low…grow some balls man

    • Phil

      One simple reason…THEY DON’T GIVE A F*CK ABOUT THE REAL PEOPLE THAT USE THE SITE!!! Our yearly membership fee was nothing compared to what Multiply is probably making off the buyers and sellers.

    • Freeman

      LOL, it was no good for them to tell the truth to us two years ago, if they did that we would have all left by now resulting in a small site with a tiny user base trying to sell itself as successful over there. No one would have believed it and they would probably have collapsed financially well before the move.

      Laughably their reason stated for moving over there was to be closer to where the markets are. Strange, I thought this was the Internet where everything is milliseconds away from everything else. I know it’s stretching imagination, but, could the real reason be a cheap labor pool for the site and any call center they construct plus very relaxed if not no laws against spam etc.? No, that would be being too suspicious :/

  5. Dani

    Sorry, need to correct your reaction from the sellers because you have yet again lied

    Your Indonesian sellers went on a three day strike from selling did they not? In protest at losing the social networking. They started up a petition that is doing really well to try and prevent them being colonised, which is not what ANY of the sellers wanted.

    Indonesian sellers have been closing their accounts and leaving.

    I despise liars, but I thought anyone listening to this needed the actual truth of the situation you have put yourselves in. Clearly you are not going to give anyone the truth!!!

  6. masteradrian

    I think it is an utter disgrace how the Bloggers on MultiPly are dealth with, to the advancement of economical profits……

    Hundreds of people loose their history, may loose their contacts they often depend on for support, for strength and some even their life! I know of Members of MyltiPly who day in day out wake up and who make contacts with their friends, simply because they can not leave their homes due to disabilities, or because there’s no one around their neighborhood to speak to or with!
    I know of people who use MultiPly for their social contacts simply because they can not speak about what they feel, think with parents, siblings, or whomever!

    It is shocking to see that a social network that has been around for so long, and has struck so many people in the heart is now left to the grabbers, the profiteurs and the ones who wanna make a little money out of something..

    Shocking and only showing the greed of some and the suffering of many!

  7. Paul Gregory

    So basically, we’ve been planning your downfall for half as long as I’ve been using the site.

    I hope that I can get all my stuff out of this place and into something really “social” for my “networking”…

    And I hope that Multiply.com fails as it deserves, and that Madrid and Magdalenski get loads of debts from this to pay off for years to come.

  8. ana zamalloa

    Por favor no cierren Multiply..!
    Yo tengo toda mi información allí.
    Primero invitan a unirse a Multiply y luego lo cierran, es una falta de respeto.
    Multiply sin los usuarios no es nada.
    Señores Magdalinski y Madrid por favor piensen bien lo que hacen, perjudican a mucha gente
    Reciban un saludo respetuoso desde Latinoamérica

  9. rosie fielding

    Very sad to learn that Multiply is no longer going to function as a social site , you have let us down in a way, we are the backbone of the site and I have paid for premium account to blog and also make friends with people all over the world.Yahoo360 let us down previous now we are all being pushed away to make room for Sellers in your Market-place, well, good luck with your venture , sad indeed but material wealth has taken you over regards Rosie.

  10. Michael

    Now, Multiply like Titanic ship. Most online sellers have boycott the transaction via product listings. Stefan should know the real situation.

  11. Hida

    So, it is a well planned, carefully designed eviction, right? You need more space for OS, which you assume will generate more income, so you trash the bloggers..
    Greed rules..!

  12. anotherorion

    even if multiply wish to hear what their user wanted, me and the rest indonesian multiply-ers said this was a bad idea, we are blogger, online seller in multiply growing naturaly because of social network based in multiply, they blogging their activity, sharing life with friends, they selling stuf from social network feature like photos, blogs, and notes, they became a stronger and loyalty community, when others social networks and blogs rises, multiply-ers still on the site, they have couple years life there, light a candle when Multiply losing their mp3 sharing feature and now Multiply want to shutting down their only one uniquely features?

    Thinks again, Multiply have so much loyal communities in Indonesian, when Corporation wouldn’t hear for the community I don’t think multiply will grow better and bigger, Multiply grow up because their community.

    Last year, Multiply has awarded by about.com as Best Social Media Site in 2011, we multiply-ers work hards to make Multiply win the battle. And in the fallen 2012, may Multiply will be remembered as Most Unvaluable Social Media Site ever after

  13. glundhungprongos

    I feel, Multiply make a blunder decision. Why? Blogger is the free charge potential human resources to make some marketing program. Multiply can make some blog contest to get the search engine keyword to hits many marketing point.
    But Multiply choose the wrong way. And it’s to late to change this. Multiply choose removing thousand blogger to build the shop. THOUSAND. They are free human resources to competitor of Multiply, and will give black campaign to Multiply.

    There are many better e-commerce platform that Multiply. So, which Multiply point that can get the people?

    So, we will see, in 1-2 years. Multiply will removed back from Indonesia, and Asia. Please Note: Blogger Power

  14. Killawabbit

    If you want to buy something shoddy try Multiply
    If you want to buy something that will break after a short time try Multiply
    If you want to buy something that will lie to you try Multiply
    If you want to buy something that will stab you in the back try Multiply

  15. Lori

    Congratulations, Multiply has now displaced many
    You have silenced those in the countries you are now setting up eCommerce
    You have also created a taxation on the backs of those who struggle to make it day to day
    Yes Congratulations, you have lost buyers who were bloggers and Upset and depressed another economy

  16. bimosaurus

    New Staff Multiply, in case Indonesian Multiply, have some black record. The non-confirmation take over id: indonesia for indonesia.multiply.com is one big case that the member of multiply shouldn’t believe Multiply. In other case, in new transaction via Product Listing , there are some case that the seller can’t take the credits of revenue. Non encryption data in case password in Multiply is the high risk for member / seller to believe this business to multiply.

    Online selling/shopping? Multiply IS NOT GOOD choice. Believe Me!

  17. Bill J. Canada

    I am going to enjoy watching Multiply.com go under. You will have this avid Blogger working hard to see that it happens. OH and I will have lots of help from around the world. Word of mouth on the internet can destroy a company and You are starting with a piss poor reputation as it is and it will get nothing but worse.

  18. Nota

    Having watched what has happened I can guarentee I will never but anything from Mulitiply.com

  19. sarcastik1

    Everyone knows that the best way to make your website bigger and better is to kick out 99% of your members, from all over the world, then concentrate on a couple hundred thousand from two countries. All that so that you can directly compete with another of your own entities, sulit.ph which is also owned by Naspers.

    The entire transition has been handled poorly from the beginning. Lies, lack of follow through, premature announcements before necessary export tools are in place, etc… Magdalinski has acted like a coward, dropping bombs on the user base then running away to hide. Naspers has established itself to Multiply users as a company not to be trusted. Who’s to say they won’t turn around and kick out the sellers in a year, after lying to them as well?

    One thing oddly missing in their oft quoted numbers of sellers are the abandoned accounts which have failed as businesses. While Multiply is more than happy to beat the world over the head with numbers of Sellers you don’t hear a peep about the number of active sellers, just the total. But hey, I guess you do what you have to do in order to make your poorly conceived plans look good, right?

    I wonder how many advertisers will bail out, once they learn they just lost 99% of the site’s viewing audience.

    By the way, the new online business registration, receipt, invoicing and tax policies in the Philippines are no doubt significantly caused by Multiply’s “big news”. They’ll be a big help to Multiply’s new sellers. I’m sure they’ll be similar repercussions in Indonesia where the sellers are already revolting due to management’s poor treatment of the user base there.

    If this new Multiply survives all of 2013 I’ll be surprised.

    • Lynne M-S

      “All that so that you can directly compete with another of your own entities, sulit.ph which is also owned by Naspers. ”

      They’ll probably merge them into one. Wanna put a dollar or two on it?

  20. Daniel L. Cummings

    I have opened a facebook account and will be moveing all my content.

    You think I will ever use your site tp buy anything? I would rather bite your ass in hell first.

    “F” you! I’m out of hear!

  21. Riete

    So, Mr CEO, you have been lying to us all these years. You have been deceiving us all. And from this interview it’s clear you don’t give a @#$ about the social site (as we already knew of course). It’s all about the Philippines and Indonesia and the sellers. You’re just dumping the millions of people who made Multiply great – and don’t think for a moment you were the ones who did that.
    Finally you have shown your true colors.

    I doubt sellers will trust you again … and if they do they are stupid. In a few years time you will have found a new toy to play with and you will dump them as easy as you are dumping us.

  22. Thetrueideas

    You just dump, your own potential buyers, in case in Indonesia, many locals online sellers will compete you, and they all are happy using the local sellers, rather than Multiply do…

  23. Full of love

    Are you telling us that the plan to close the social networking tools for bloggers has been concocted for two years? From Peter Pezaris to Daniel Tumiwa, and Stefan Magdalinski, when asked about whether of not the blogging features would still exist in Multiply always answered that that they would keep the blogging tools. Some Indonesian bloggers have been suspicious, but most of them believed in the lies and the tactic they used to keep us silent. To Indonesian Multiply users they always gave the impression that: if we did not shift to e-commerce, then Multiply would end up like Friendster or other already dead social networking. They emphasized that we are only free-loaders and the e-commerce side of their business is what paid the bills. And all along it all comes down to bigger profit and money for the owners and not a slight care for all the bloggers who have helped them raise Multiply. They also quickly silenced every turmoils caused by Indonesian bloggers by methods of giving them a cold shoulder (did not answer their questions) or even bullying (changing users’ password with swear words, changing users’ page layout/theme, and creating a fake ID to terrorize users). Since they opened their office in Jakarta, they also very much concentrate on inviting new online sellers to open accounts in Multiply. Obviously, targeting those who mainly sell things, unlike those sellers already in having accounts in Indonesian Multiply who also use the blogging tools as much as they sell things.

    And why is it the CM of the Philippine that spoke out? Where are the CEO of Multiply and Indonesian Country Manager? They did not answer our questions on their own posting on Multiply. When asked by radio stations to talk about the closing of social networking features, they refused to give any statements.

    One more thing, when they realized that there are quite a number of merchants in Indonesia that sympathized with bloggers and who also actively used blogging tools that planned to quit being Multiply users, they made another announcement directed ONLY for the merchants/online sellers that the Online Sellers will still enjoy the social networking features. That’s very cunning and I bet it is only another tactic to keep the online sellers quite, just for a while. Even some Indonesian bloggers have thought about joining the wagon and changing their status into Online Sellers, when in fact they do not sell anything at all. But considering all the lies and cunning methods they have used all this time, I do not think Multiply will keep the social networking facilities for sellers for a long time. Pay attention to what Jack Madrid said about the future of Multiply. He only talked about selling features (including photos as selling tools), but did not mention anything about the blogging feature (for sellers).

  24. Rho

    You knew two years ago? Way to go! Sell out the people that paid your salaries. Just who do you think will search and actually make a purchase from Multiply? You’ve tossed out the audience. Poor customer service and no thought for the millions of people who’ve keep the ship afloat with their premiem accounts. By the way, why are you removing content already? I have picures and videos that just disappeared.
    I sincerely hope your Sellars are aware of how you treat your “valued customer base”
    You’re a bad joke.

    Good riddance.

  25. Richard Clifford

    BULLSHIT! I’ve been a member of Multiply for 3 years now, and I’ve used this company to share my love of music with everybody around the world. You’ve sold us out!

  26. bosco

    You are a 2 faced greedy bastard
    I’m just wondering..

    If our content (blogs, pics, vids etc.) are deleted by Multiply, then I am wondering if our friends in Indonesia might be able to advise us on the prospect of prosecuting Multiply’s owners and having a court injunction against them preventing them from deleting our blogosphere?

    I am thinking in terms of Data Administration laws, of Multiply actually BREAKING the copyright of the members, namely us, and also as to whether this would also be a breack of our recognised human rights (the right to express ourselves).

    Does anyone know a lawyer in Indonesia?

    I hope it blows up in your greedy little face and you end up pennyless.. Myboomerplace is going to do well, fuckhead

  27. Crow

    Read that, Multipliers. Read and understand that
    the offensive plan by the fucking Naspers to get
    rid of the bloggers had been made even before
    they took over Multiply in 2010.
    Talkers, you may talk and BEG FOR MERCY until
    your tongues fall off. Be politicians and sell your
    souls to the devil. Succumb to Big Brother’s will.
    Doers, keep doing. In the end it’s the doers who
    will achieve something, not the collaborating
    Spread the words worldwide. Let the world know
    why big corporations and their greed are not to
    be trusted.

  28. Transcended

    I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING from a Multiply seller…regardless of price. The mere fact that they continued doing business with Multiply is reason enough not to trust them.

    Years from now, the story of Multiply’s demise will be told in business management textbooks as an example of why not to use arrogance and stupidity as business strategies.

  29. Lynne M-S

    Note – Blogster now, multi-plonk no more except to tell friends where a better social site can be found.
    Two tings came to mind watching the video – the first, to almost quote Jack madrid on plans to change the logo –
    “it’s obviously a social networking logo, with the users as the blue and green PAWNS!”
    I guess we shoulda seen the dumptruck coming when that logo went live.

    Secondly, I thought – what is a real-life parallel situation?
    The Mall – with its many many shops selling loads of merchandise, and among them, rest areas, space, community notice boards, restaurants etc for those who’re there simply catching up with friends, being able to “hang out”.
    Now, if you were a mall shopper – would you feel okay about signing up for the right to enter the mall?
    No? Yet some Premium mall walkers did actually Pay to visit the mall. Fair? never!
    And the store owners would shut shop and move downtown in a hurry seeing the potential shoppers being driven away.

    Multi-plonk has been managed by not one, but a series of duplicitous (two-faced) directors, CEOs and now national owners for years!

    “I spit in their general direction!”

  30. Turtle

    How’s that wine tasting? It must be difficult to do your job when the ship is aflame.

    After more than six years of superb development, rocket growth and exemplary customer service, it took you less than twelve months after the company changed hands, to successfully lose a majority percentage of your customer base – leaving the remaining clients wary and looking for alternative market space they can trust.

    It’s really too bad, Multiply could have been a very good e commerce site world wide – now it’s doubtful it will survive under the current ‘mba’-style leadership.

    Actual business practice that survives beyond a pretty market graph – involves more than an algorithm, more than simple site analysis, jiggered reports and ‘trimming the fat’.. that’s just business administration thinking. Historically, corporations that are successful with long term growth and stability include; operational research, information system long term planning, research in market behaviour, strategy, common sense and a loyal customer base.

    I’d wish you the best with your narrow minded plans – but under the circumstances, I’m looking forward to watching your downfall. It will be spectacular of that I’m pretty confident.

  31. Jo

    Sitting here listening to his drivel is making me berserk! First he insults all sellers as a whole by saying that they “don’t read”, and then insults Indonesia by calling them “second”, as if they don’t matter at all. If Multiply was the last place on the net to purchase anything, I’d do without. There is no way I’ll support anything that has to do with Multiply ever again. They have strung the bloggers along for two years, knowing full well that they were going to get rid of the social networking side, lying through their teeth to anyone that asked about it, and then their coward CEO Stefan sends out his letter and runs off to hide. Who in their right mind would want to have any kind of dealings with a company like this? Buh-bye, Multiply. Your ship is going to sink faster than the Titanic, and it will be well-deserved.

  32. AstraNavigo

    I’m late to the dance here, and there’s not much I can say that’s new or different than the emotional rants of the commenters above.

    I will, however, add this: Several of the people who’ve commented above have been longtime online friends, since the days of Y/360. Mr. ‘Pez’ sold a group of Y/360 users a bill of goods and encouraged us all to move – I pointed out at the time that there was no such place as Nirvana; that Multiply was funded by venture-cap money and that these folks have a habit of wanting their money back and then some within three to five years.

    There’s more over on my own Multiply site – you can read my two cents in detail here: http://astranavigo08.multiply.com/journal/item/644

    Far from ‘clearing the air’, Mr. Madrid has done little but spout the new company line – the facts are that ‘Pez’ refused to alter the TOS to protect our copyrights (that was when I deleted everything from my own Multiply site, and began posting article-stubs with links to my main writing-site). He sold out in January of this year, and told us all that he was going to stick around – by that time, everyone must have known that the handwriting was on the wall.

    History proved me right – and while I don’t like saying “I told you so”, it’s appropriate here.

    Everyone should realize that the Golden Rule applies: He with the gold makes the rules. It’s their site. They can do what they want with it.

    Lesson: Don’t post anything which you don’t save elsewhere in a safe place where you can always retrieve it. This is the internet – nothing is permanent here…..

  33. Bulletskill

    I can guarantee you that Multiply will be the last online shopping network I would ever use. It’s interesting that some of the people most upset are in the markets that m/p are looking to exploit.

    If you go ahead and close the social networking side of m/p then I hope to hear of the company’s demise in the next few years. Shame on you!

  34. sherriellen t-d

    No salutation from me! After 4 years on Yahoo 360 & coming to Multiply & now having you & your company do away with the blogging aspect I am furious & worn out. I have had to tear my site apart. I have managed to save 7 YEARS worth of blogs & photos & memories to my PC.
    When do we get the ‘tool’ for Import our blogs to the new sites we have all scattered to in an attempt to find a new home????
    Oh wait…we just got the ‘shaft’…I think THAT was the ‘ttool’ you promised all of us…
    You will note my NEW blog site URL….I am NOT coming back even if you all change your minds…I am done!!!!

  35. Susan Varner

    In response to a petition link left on my guestbook, demanding that Multiply change their minds about booting us out…

    “Thank you for coming by with your petition link John… but I’m not going to waste my time. I think their decision is now set in stone – WAS even before we all started getting their notification about the impending shutdown of the social networking here – and it won’t change their minds. They will just ignore all our “demands”. It’s business – even though it seems that a whole lot of their sellers are pissed about this too.

    I’m using my time to set up my new net home on a different site. Multiply can take a running jump.

    Good luck John, and I wish you well with this campaign. But to be honest, even if they DID change their minds, their total lack of integrity towards us bloggers here, and the callousness with which they banged on about how “excited” they are with the move forward to ecommerce on this site, has removed any trust I have in them. Their treatment of us bloggers is despicable, and I wouldn’t stay here now even if they BEGGED me.”

    I’ll be keeping my page up until they delete it, and I’ll still be here on a daily basis to see what you lovely peeps are up to. :) But not posting – just transferring the posts I want to keep, to Xanga.

    I hope I see MANY of you there. I know it won’t be everyone – we all seem to be splitting up into several different directions. But I do have a whole bunch of you on Facebook, so we won’t lose touch – we’ll just be in touch somewhere else. :)

    F**K M’Ply.

  36. Middlefingerup

    Maybe the Philippines are docile about the news. Afraid to speak out against the new owners. We know about the human abuses.

    Now let me post what this man, Jack Madrid, is really covering up…

    Added: Monday, August 13th 2012 at 10:28am by seanymph

    “Now about Multiply, it’s imploding fast and I predict we have alot less time then Dec. 1. The Indonesians are deleting their seller accounts in a show of solidarity at the bloggers being turfed because in over 4000 comments on the staff blog, they’ve insisted they need the bloggers but Naspers isn’t listening. The CEO has closed his multiply page and tweeted that he’s “laying low” as this whole thing blows up in his face. The government of the Phillipines, after Multiply’s big coming out party, announced that all online sellers in that country must now register with their IRS and become licensed, issue electronic receipts and pay taxes. It doesn’t look like the wonder boy CEO from South Africa did his homework. Me, I’ve been forwarding everything to the media sources that have share links for Multiply. Stef, the CEO, also issued a tweet in which he basically referred to Americans as being stupid after sucking millions if not billions of dollars out of them in premium accounts and corporate advertizing. This Naspers CEO didn’t do his homework and I hope people are backing things up right now.”

    “There are also legal issues that the new CEO didn’t take into consideration like the contractual promise in the original TOS that it would be a forever place to store group information. Also, TOS states that we give Multiply the right to use any of our works, photos etc, royalty free and grant this to their subsidiaries as well. However, they are in breach of contract with the sudden announcement of closing and have rendered their own TOS null and void and have opened themselves up to a litany of possible legal actions should they use or destroy any information posted by members. Now, as to premium accounts, before he went into hiding, the CEO stated that people could get refunds of “unused portions” by contacting CS. However people are reporting that they have not received answers from CS in over a month. I sent a message to CS several weeks ago and am still awaiting an answer so I doubt very highly that people will receive their refunds short of a legal action. I’m not familiar with the Indonesian people but after translating and reading several thousand of their comments, I have a new respect for them. They know how to unite and are enraged at the behaviour of Multiply. Some posted reminders of what happened to other people who went against the Indonesian people and their ways and now languish in prison. Their action to close down their sites in an action of solidarity was surprising to me. If only we could get an entire country to unite against wrongs perceived by the people.”

    • JAZZ

      middlefingerup sounds very prescient in every point of his comment.

      We bloggers at Multiply would be wise to back up our work here ASAP.

      That Multiply continued to sell “forever” storage memberships as it planned to shut down is the very definition of consumer fraud. If the corporation proceeds on its present plan to shed the bloggers by 01 December, a class action lawsuit, by premium members at least, will become a certainty.

      Multiply’s only chance to avoid litigation is to post the promised easy-export tools ASAP. providing bloggers with plenty of time to export the content we have created.


      Finally, my thanks to the Filipino members who have shown solidarity with the (largely North American) bloggers who will be crushed by the proposed 01 December changes. A

  37. Freeman

    Considering the deceit, lies, disinformation, callous use of users for the selling of their new product and just general disregard of users as human beings then would one expect their new buisness based on this attitude to be successful? Surely they would do better getting into banking where you expect gross dishonesty to be rampant…..or politics :)


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