“Just be mindful of SEO, focus on giving value.” -Sean Si, SEO-Hacker

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File photo of Sean Si (not actual photo of him in iBlog 8)

Sean Si (www.seo-hacker.com), a freelance SEO Specialist, gave a quick 10-minute talk during the SEO session of iBlog 8 and his message was fascinating because he said that bloggers should just be “mindful” of SEO and focus on delivering quality content that gives value to their readers.

Here’s a quick video of Sean when we caught up with him outside the session hall.

Sean is definitely spot on especially given the audience of his talk. SEO is definitely important but it shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all for bloggers. Note though that being “mindful of SEO” means that you should still be aware of the basic best practices of the craft. It doesn’t mean that you completely forget about it.

Nice bumping into you Sean! Hope to see you again in other blogger events.

PS: Click here to read our wrap-up of iBlog 8 Day 1.

2 Responses to ““Just be mindful of SEO, focus on giving value.” -Sean Si, SEO-Hacker”

  1. Sean

    Hey Carlo!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity of being part of your website thru this video! It’s an honor man!

  2. Rosendo Cuyasen Jr

    This is exactly right! Provide good and valuable content to the readers but it is much better to understand SEO terms so that your content would crawl by the search engines and place it in the top search results of your targeted keywords.

    Were doing a free Local SEO training and we still recognized that there are people especially writers who don’t really know what is SEO. Better to learn it and it will bring you success in your endeavors.


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