Local Online Classified Ads Site Sulit hits 2 Billion Page Views in 2012

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Sulit Founder RJ David's post on his Facebook Page

Local online classified ads Sulit.com.ph growth in the last few years is nothing short of astronomical. RJ David, Sulit’s Founder, posted on his Facebook Page a few days ago that they just crossed 2 billion page views for 2012. Their mobile site also registered amazing growth hitting over 300 million page views. Those are crazy high numbers and we just want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to RJ and his team. You guys are doing great! Congratulations!

I had a conversation with RJ a few months back and he told me that their TVC was critical in driving up their numbers. While we have no hard data to support that I can actually agree with him. One of the sites we launched, Kristn, got much higher numbers for web and mobile when we launched the TVC. Here’s the TVC of Sulit just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Again congrats RJ and the rest of the Sulit team!

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