Miss World Philippines beatboxes her way to the Huffington Post and Time

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Here’s a pleasant surprise for all the supporters of Miss World Philippines Queenierich Rehman! She just beatboxed her way to stories on both the Huffington Post and Time! The video of her beatbox performance during the talent portion in the on-going Miss World pageant has already racked up over 100,000 views as of this writing and the numbers are steadily climbing.

Video definitely has the elements of viral content! You’d never think that you’d see this kind of talent on a beauty pageant, hehe.

Btw, click to Like Miss World Philippines on Facebook and help her win Miss Multimedia! :)

7 Responses to “Miss World Philippines beatboxes her way to the Huffington Post and Time”

  1. Perfect Diamond™

    Last year Philippines almost got its 1st Miss World crown like I predicted. How sad that this years representative only excel in the talent portion. She only looks good when she puts make up on though she’s sexy, smart but she lacks charisma. It will be a miracle if she’ll make it to the top 5 this Saturday but at the very least she’ll make it to the finals. And how would I know this? Bcoz I’m a gemologist and the best gemologists have an eye for beauty and 1 part analysts. I hope whoever wins is the fairest of them all so that arguments are prevented. ;-)

    • Michelle

      Nega much? Gemo-effin what? Stop contaminating the vibes and poking holes to Miss Philippines even if she will not win,,, she made us all proud!

    • lordcho

      You are so funny Perfect Diamond! Hahahaha! So tell us, since, like you said, you have an eye for beauty, what do you think about your own beauty? How come she’s there on the stage and your not? Hahahaha Poor you, i think no one recognizes you as a gemologist.. maybe you’re not one of the best. *wink wink*

      One more thing, like you predicted ha? Madame Auring is that you? Gemologist din ba siya?

    • ivan

      Wow very knowledgeable..a gemologist? Come on.. your just limited to a stone with the help of your loops otherwise you are nothing.


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