More than 137,000 Tweets about Dolphy as of 1:53AM, July 10

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Everyone here at The New Media joins the country in mourning the loss of the King of Comedy, Dolphy. The outpouring of grief flooded social networking sites and “RIP Dolphy” even trended worldwide. Several celebrities also posted messages on Twitter expressing their sadness including Filipino-American singer Bruno Mars.

We took a quick look at how many tweets had the Dolphy’s name in them and the results were staggering. As of 1:53AM, July 10, there have been over 137,000 tweets that have the word “Dolphy”.

Tweets with the word "Dolphy" hit over 137,000 (1:53 AM July 10)

This will probably increase later today when more people find out about Dolphy and they start tweeting about it.

Rest in peace Tito Dolphy. We will be praying for you and your family. :(

*We will be updating this post with the latest numbers as the day goes by

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