MRTtrackr App goes Open Beta

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Meet the MRTtrackr Android App!

Ever wished for a way to find out if the MRT is crowded or not? Or what time the trains will arrive? How about what series of trains to ride to get to your destination? Well apparently there’s now an app for that. Developed by Ryan Escarez, the MRTtrackr is an Android application that, according to their site, can do the following:

  • Helps you find the nearest train station within your area
  • Provides you with your train itinerary
  • Notifies you when you have arrived at the destination of your choice with voice alert notification
  • Provides you the estimated crowdedness in the train station of your choice
  • Provides up-to-date news and information that is relevant to the public

We looked it up on Google Play and installed it on our Samsung Galaxy S3. Unfortunately we’re stuck on the LOG-IN USING FACEBOOK page. Hopefully we see a fully working product soon since thousands of Filipnos stand to benefit from this service.


We're stuck on this page. Sad.

3 Responses to “MRTtrackr App goes Open Beta”

  1. MRTtrackr

    Hi Carlo, Thanks for your blog entry. We’re on the initial stage, we’ll be sending out a beta invite starting next week. Hope you and your team will be part of it. You can signup for the beta invite on our website

    Hi Alwin, Thank you for your feedback, the team is checking the issue. For the meantime, you can signup for beta invite. You can get the latest update via following our twitter account @MRTtrackr

    Thank you and hoping for your full support.

    P.S. MRTtrackr team is not connected to any government organization. We’re a Filipino citizen that doing a simple step to help the Philippines to be a better place to live.

  2. MJ

    I never knew this app and I like this, I may not be a resident of Metro Manila but with this app I could use this when ever I’ll go to Metro Manila. Apps are really helpful in many ways and it make my life easier and fast, like this app by Dextr ( this is on a beta version. I’ve learned that we are in the digital age and helping us in many ways.


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