puts up Red Cross Philippines Donation Page

Posted by & filed under Featured, Multiply. Philippines Country Manager Jack Madrid just posted a link to a special donations page for the Philippine Red Cross. I’m not totally sure if this is in response to the massive flooding that the Philippines is currently trying to survive right now or if this page was already up and running even before. Regardless of the timing the page definitely deserves more exposure and traffic at this time.

Php1000 donation

How it works
On the Multiply page you can pick from three denominations that you can purchase: P100, P500, and P1000. Payments can be made via credit card, Paypal, BDO/BPI over-the-counter, and GCash. Hopefully moving forward they can improve their payment system so that they can also accept ATM cards. More people will definitely be able to donate if that option is available.

To those who can donate, please do so. If not via, through whatever means you have at your disposal.

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3 Responses to “ puts up Red Cross Philippines Donation Page”

  1. Karlpal Lazo Astorga

    donate blood, you will never know when you need blood for you or one of your love needs it badly anytime…

    I experienced needing bags of blood when my eldest son needed it when he suffered from dengue… Thanks to Red Cross for lending us some ..


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