“PH Average Internet Speed is 1.73 Mbps.” – Senator Cayetano

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A few days ago we posted a story saying that international group Akamai pegged the average Filipino internet speed at 1.2 Mbps. This already raised a lot of eyebrows because people felt it was much lower. However it looks like the 1.2 Mbps peg is still low. Senator Allan Peter Cayetano just said that the average speed here is 1.73 Mbps based on another international study. He also says that this puts us at rank 133 out of 170 surveyed countries.

National Broadband Plan by 2015?

Cayetano also stressed the need to fast track the development of broadband technology here in the Philippines so that the costs would go down which means more Filipinos can enjoy the benefits of the Internet. He also mentioned that the UN is pushing for all countries to have a National Broadband Plan by 2015.

1.73 Mbps? Really?

Personally I found the 1.2 Mbps believable because I know that the USB dongles by Smart and Globe tend to pick up speeds during the evening and during lean hours. Sometimes plug-its can go up to 4-5 Mbps while the HSPA+ versions can go all the way up to 9 Mbps.

They should benchmark this study though on internet speed during the day. If that was the study I think our average would be around 600 kbps, hahaha! :)

Anyway, I applaud the move to have a National Broadband Plan. I just hope it’s not mired in corruption like the NBN-ZTE scandal that rocked the previous administration.

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