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The New Media Preview


The New Media ( goes live

New Media Philippines ( started as a digital marketing blog site in 2008. In the last 3-4 years we’ve posted over 900 articles and received over 6,000 comments. The site has been featured on national news websites, magazines, and broadsheets. We launched an eBook that was downloaded more than 20,000 times. A few weeks ago we launched the first Digital Marketing Jobs Board in the country. Today we’re happy to announce the next phase of the site.

Today we’re launching THE NEW MEDIA ( The site features a new look, logo, and deeper integration with the Digital Marketing Jobs Board. You’ll find all of the past content of there and we will be updating that site from now on. After two weeks this url,, will automatically redirect to the new site.

To make things even more interesting we’re launching an updated version of our Social Media Marketing eBook next week in the new site so please do watch out for that!

Thank you everyone for the support and we hope to see you at The New Media (

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