President Cory Aquino’s Last Gift to the Filipino People

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For months now, we’ve been aggressively fighting the CON ASS initiative by House Speaker Prospero Nograles and the rest of the 171 congressmen who voted for it in plenary. Our primary vehicle was the STOP CON ASS Facebook movement, which garnered over 110,000 members in less than a month. In today’s issue of the Inquirer, there was a story there with several Congressmen saying that one of the reasons why the CON ASS movement wouldn’t prosper anymore was because of President Cory Aquino. Even in death, the mother of Democracy gave one last service to the Filipino people.

The first and last time I cried for the death of a politician was when my grandfather, Senator Blas F. Ople, passed away. That was really because we had a genuine close relationship. The second time was only just a few days ago when President Aquino passed away. What’s amazing is that I never really knew her since I was just a baby when the EDSA revolution happened. I wasn’t able to appreciate what she’s done for her and it’s only now that I see how she helped shaped the future of this country with her sacrifices.

Watching how the Filipino people mourn for her during her memorial service was really touching. The love and support that was shown that day could really be considered a miracle. It’s a shining example of how humble people with genuine hearts for service become exalted and praised. Each time I would hear President Aquino talk, whether on TV, Radio, or print quotes, she would always mention God and prayer. She never claims credit and always passes it on to our Creator.

Tita Cory, I pray that you continue to smile down on the nation while you watch us from heaven. May you find final peace, happiness, and love in the arms of your husband, Ninoy. Even in death you set us free. You truly are and forever will be one of the reasons why I am proud to be Filipino.

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  1. beeps

    Carlo, we will live our lives along with her legacy forever, The astounding sacrifices she has made for our country will definitely mark our hearts.

  2. Di

    Few people command such respect, love and admiration from people. Fewer deserve them. And rarer still, are those individuals who can unite people just by being there. Cory and Ninoy did both. They both earned the right to be heroes, by uniting Filipinos in life and even after death. It is quite a feat to be proud of that there were at least 2 people here in the Philippines who earned and received such love. Something all Filipinos should honor and aspire to be.


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