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President Noynoy Aquino launched his new website today. It’s definitely a huge improvement over President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s website. To those who saw the former President’s website, it was a Web 1.5 standard dinosaur which was rarely mentioned or promoted. More than the design, one major thing that the Aquino administration is doing is building hype and generating attention for the Presidential website via PR blitzes. For that I believe that Communications Group deserves applause. The new website, according to the developers and the Communications Secretary, aims to serve as a feedback mechanism for the President. I just have a few comments on this that I’d like to share in this post.

I won’t talk about the design but I do have a lot of recommendations that I’ll e-mail the privately to the developers. What I’d like to talk about in this entry though is their “Feedback Mechanism” and how they’re tapping Social Media.

Feedback Gathering Mechanism
Right now the only way the website actually gathers feedback is through comments on the TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT section of the website. You put your name, e-mail, address, and then your comments. The entries are then posted on the page for everyone’s perusal. This is well and good but I think the administration and management of this system is a nightmare to deal with. Feedback is only as good as the reaction/response that it receives. I strongly suggest that the Communications Group make some form of filtering so that all comments are categorized properly. For example, you can break it down to: Messages for PNOY, Corruption Reports, Program Feedback (then divide by program), etc. That way the administrator can easily make reports for the consumption of the President and the related government executive. The filtering mechanism doesn’t have to be too advanced or complex. It can be a simple drop down menu.

Social Media Integration
Secretary Coloma in his announcement mentioned in that Social Media would figure a lot in the President’s website. I’m a bit confused with this particular statement. When they announced this I was looking forward to seeing customized interactive plug-ins similar to how US President Barack Obama and the White House are doing. Instead what’s there is just buttons with links to the official accounts of President Aquino on Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, and Youtube. Here’s the announcement that I was talking about:

Secretary Herminio Coloma of the Presidential Communications Office for Operations told government-run radio station dzRB that the website would carry social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

A Facebook homepage in the presidential website will allow the public to air their sentiments online.


Another thing I don’t quite get it the existence of two official President Noynoy Aquino Facebook pages. The one currently linked in the new site goes to a newly created page which was different from the one used in the recent campaign which has more than 1.5M fans.

Anyway, all-in-all this is definitely a step in the right direction. However there still so many improvements that the Communications Team can implement which will make the website more effective. Same comment goes for their social media strategy. I hope this isn’t it already and we’ll see upgrades in the coming months.

198 Responses to “President Noynoy Aquino’s New Website (”

  1. hitachi

    2nd year high school po ako,gusto ko lang po mag suggest, pwede po ba ipag bawal mo po yung pag titinda ng sigarilyo sa buong bansa? alam ko po may kapangyarihan ka para gawin yun, alam mo naman po yung mga epekto ng sigarilyo diba? sana po gamitin mo po yung kapangyarihan mo bilang presidente ng sa mga bagay na karapat dapat pag tuunan ng pansin. :) sana po wag ka na mag sigarilyo :)

  2. Dr. Severino S. Capitan

    Ibig kong ipaabot sa ating kagalang galang na pangulo ang pagbati at paghanga sa kanyang pagmamahal sa wikang Filipino ang ating wikang pambansa. Makikita sa kanyang mga diskurso at talumpati ang isang pambansang pamunuan na magtatanggol sa wikang Filipino bilang isang matatag na wika hindi lamang ng pangaraw-araw na huntahan kundi isang wika ng intelektwal na talastasan at komunikasyon. Umaasa kami na bibigyan ito ng pansin ng lahat ng mga kinauukulan at gawing isang napakagandang halimbawa ng pagsuporta sa pagpapayabong ng wikang Filipino.
    Sana ay maging simula ito ng mga hakbangin na magtataguyod sa pagkilala sa wikang Filipino bilang isang wika ng edukasyon kapantay ng wikang banyaga.
    Ako ay isang Propesor sa Reproduksyon at Pisyolohiya, Klaster ng Agham Paghahayupan at Pagatasan, Kolehiyo ng Agrikultura, Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, Los BaƱos. Sa kasalukuyan, nagsisilbi rin ako bilang Direktor ng Sentro ng Wikang Filipino (SWF) dito sa unibersidad.
    Miyembro ako ng Ehekutibong Konseho (Executive Council) ng Pambansang Komite sa Wika at Salin (National Committee for Language and Translation) ng Pambansang Komisyon para Kultura at mga Sining (National Commission for Culture and the Arts).
    Mabuhay ka Pangulong Noy!

  3. Moises P. Hambunan

    To: President Noy and all concerned Filipinos, I suggest that if cha-cha will be push thru, pls. consider this suggestions to lower government operating cost most especially the election cost, 1st reduced the numbers of elective officials, for national post, one (1) president, twelve (12) senators, one (1) house of representatives for every region, one (1) governor and eight (8) board members in every province, one mayor and eight (8) councilors in every cities or municipalities and one (1) brgy. chairman and eight (8) kagawads in every barangay units, eliminating all the vice position, successions in all vacant position will be by number of votes garnered during elections, elections of all elective positions are simultaneous. For national post, we only vote one president, for regional post, vote only one regional representative, for provincial post, vote only one provincial governor, for city or municipal post, vote only one mayor and on barangay post vote only one barangay chairman, so, all in all we only vote five, from national post down to barangay post. In this connection the question is who will be the senators, provincial board members, city and municipal councilors and barangay kagawads. For national post the candidate who garnered the highest number of votes will assume the office of the president then the twelve candidates that follows in accordance with the number of votes will be senators of the Republic, the same criteria will apply to other elective post mention except for regional representative, which is only one per region. All term of office to all elective office will be six years with prohibition provision to run in any elective position to the election that follow the election where they won.

    Contributor: Moises P. Hambunan

    • Moises P. Hambunan

      Please publish my comment, I want to share it to all interested, for them to think about it, to perhaps generate more good ideas to improve our electoral system that may brings better governance making our country a better place to live in.


      Moises P. Hambunan

  4. Anonymous

    mr president sana po tanggalin nyo na ung sk sa bawat barangay kasi po wala namang naitutulong ang mga ito tanggalin na rin ang budget nila sa halip, itulong na lang ang budget nila sa food feeding sa bawat barangay.

    • Jessie A.

      I agree…Our system pushes our youth” as called young leaders/politicians etc” DOING NOTHING ..these could influence young intellectuals becoming lazy as they usually receiving money from salary with less effort…the worst breeding them to become unlikely person in the society…I did not observed SK Projects beneficial nowadays-sports equipment/facility.. What I expect them to do is to use SK funds to be benefited most to out of school youth,On how to motivate them away from any society problem..But these are all poverty problem and I dont think SK level can improve these..In short,SK is suggested to be demolished and funds from their salary,allowances,projects etc will be allotted to POOR FEEDING PANTAWID GUTOM PROGRAM and or LIVELIHOOD-skill development training in this way the government will hold more focuses to every poor family how to fish as part of government support to the people..If realized, I will feel that the government is sincere to upgrade peoples lives.

  5. rhanquin

    bakit nga ba maraming tao ang gumgawa ng krimen sa panhaon ngayon? bakit pinababyaan ng government na lumala ang mga ito?sa dame ng kasu ng pag patay bakit di natin ibalik ang death penalty like sa ibang bansa.hindi naman ibig sabihin ng pag hahatol ng ganitong parusa sa mga taong nahuhuli na pumpatay, nagnanankaw, at iba pang krimen na talamak na sa panahon ngaun ay inilalagay na natin sa kamay ng tao ang batas. Hindi ba naisip ng government na this help lot of people na maibalik ang takot sa mga sarili. like sa mga bansang pinaiiral ang ganitong batas ang sinumang pumatay sa kapwa ay pinapatay din kapalit ng ginwa nitong krimen.please help the poor children na pinapatay at mga taong walang kamalaymalay.accident is ok but not by killing them

  6. rhanquin

    mr.president sa dame ng krimen di ba ito na ang panahon para maging mahigpit not literally the way na magiging dictator but in terms of policy and law..the issue today is not all about graft and corruption but maging kaso ng pag patay, at iba ibang pang krimen.. ndi ba dapat na ang mga taong maaari lamang mag possess ng baril ay yung mga tao lamang may katungkulan pang seguridad katulad ng pulis..i believe that the president will hear all our suggestion..pairalin ang puso ng buong sambayanang sinasakupan, maging matigas sa lahat ng mga patakarang ipatutupad..

  7. nids subida

    Good day! Bkit po ang hirap kunuha ng nbi o magrenew dito sa robinson’s cainta junction? 7pm daw bigayan ng form ta derecho pila na til umaga saka lng bbigyan ng number saka pa lang halos mguumpisa pagkuha ng nbi.nagbabayad naman ang tao bakit ganito po kahirap kailangan pumila ng magdamag tas umaga pa makakakuha? Kaya nga po tyo may mga old templates e ska un renewal card e.pinahirapan nila taong bayan?


    to president noy
    can we defence our teritory from chinese invaders particularly in scarbourouh and calayaan group of islands and what is your good work for this very tremoundous issue what is your mission and also vission in the future for this big problem of our country please can we attack also to china


    lusubin na natin ang china lakas nang loob nilang mang himasok sa teritoryo natin!!!
    wasakin ang china

  10. edwin a. riva

    dear are you?regarding my request that i be appointed special envoy to the people’s republic of china to recover the account my late father,antonio r. riva,sr. left at bank of china,ltd.,i can be contacted at 0919-2600-343.please call/text me at your earliest convenience.thank you, best regards and God Bless.Sincerely.edwin a. riva.blk.13 lot 14 lawrence st. la forteza subdivision 2,bgy.174,camarin,caloocan city.

  11. Jessie A.

    Dear Mr.President,
    First,I am not opposed to the objective of K12,For me a good effort and I feel comfortable of these future improvement,to breed excellent Filipino individual graduates in preparation to compete local and international to me this is not debatable BUT;

    1.Lot of households at this time in a great percentage cannot send their children to elementary,high school,and college. I presumed,those family that can send their children to school will be outrage by the added year to finished study.Possible high increase of student drop-out due to added expenses once family earnings will not improve.Added year will cost per student 268 + – days to cover baon, fares , foods,clothing etc..In this case education will become a PRIVILEGE instead of RIGHTS.

    2. Lack of teachers to several thousands as of present program,by adding years more will probably a good spice to increase greater problem.The worst, lack of classrooms have known and it will spells huge amount of budget to cover K12 program.

    Most TV network aired that the government project money has been utilized from pork barrel local/ national funds etc ,yet never satisfactorily realized..In short battle against corruption has to improve more. If not solved and to include poverty problem issue, I dont think K12 will prosper.

    3.WHAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND MOST, In Asia comparably the Philippines has the highest literacy rate and we always said our Filipino skilled workers abroad in all fields of work generates good acceptance even in US,UK other advanced countries,Clearly manifests of our competent educational system in the Philippines WHY CHANGE?

    + + I should say the best change to do is to improve Quality Education by providing ample learning environment -over crowding remains to be a national problem.
    Lack of classroom and teachers is a must solution.
    + + Competitive Salary the most important.
    + + Upgrading school facilities in Agriculture,Vocational, and,others that would become a skill to develop in preparations in case student cannot enter college for some reasons.

    The ball is in your hands,I believe in you as always and I know you will not let K12 to go on if above stated concerns realized.

    Mabuhay Po Kayo!

  12. Romano Castillo

    Can you please review hlurb’s effected and issued CDO to some developers. May mga developers na kahit my CDO na sila nakakapagbenta pa din ng property at sobra and price increase kahit wala silang certificate of registration at license to sell. Kaya kahit fully paid na ang buyer di sila makapag-issue ng title. Sana po mabigyan nyo ng proteksyon ang mga buyers na gustong makabili ng legitimate property. Ang tanong, bakit kaya po inaallow sila ng hlurb na makapagbenta pa?

    Congrats nga po pala sa napakagandang SONA nyo kahapon. Bilib ako sa’yo Mr.President!! Godbless all your plans!!

  13. Romano Castillo

    Ilang percent po ba dapat ang tax kapag ang sweldo ay nasa range ng 40 thousand pataas kasi po sa kumpanya namin napakalaking tax ang binabawas sa amin halos pwede ng pang budget sa 2 linggo para sa katulad kong umuupa at nagpapa-aral ng mga anak.

  14. vincent

    dear mr president noynoy
    Im a OFW from united arab emirates i watch your SONA live from here i really amaze for the job well done for the filipino rate is exceptional and Im glad that i vote you as our philippine president i hope that you will be having a program for the OFW that working abroad more than 10-15 years to have a benefits or pension when we go back for good to our country
    Im hoping that this suggestion will have a great result for all OFW around the world.

    thank you

    vincent lascano

  15. Romano Castillo

    I agree with Mr. Jesse A. I am one example of that parent who is earning just enough for our daily subsistence. It requires a lot of efforts just to send my 2 children to school. K12 program is not really the answer to our problem. Pls.hear the voice of an average earner parent like me.

  16. edwin a. riva

    dear are you?i am writing to respectfully request that i be appointed special envoy to the people’s republic of china ,so we may recover the account/s my late father,antonio r. riva,sr.,left at bank of china,ltd.beijing.the sum/s therein represent the sale of/the transfer of gold bullion/u.s.dollars to the p.r.o.c. from march 29,1988 to march 3,1989.may i see you so i may explain the details/provide you copies of the emails of bank of china,ltd.etc.?thank you,best regards and god bless.sincerely.edwin a. riva.

  17. Jose Carmelo S. Decena

    Greetings to you Mr. President. I write to you with regards to our pusthomus claims with Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO). My father was a WWII veteran and is receiving a monthly pension for a long time until he passed away last June 12, 2011. A month after his burial we made a letter addres to PVAO regarding the transfer of his pension to the surviving spouse and they requested us to submit some supporting papers, and we comply, but after six months of the same year my mother who is the surviving spouse died at the age of 93. She died with-out receiving any notice from PVAO informing her about the pension. After her burial i requested a friend in Manila to follow-up tha said claims, and the PVAO requested us to submit another set of requirements and we immediately comply, and send to their office. Later the claim was approved for payment but the problem is that their is no budget yet for pusthomous claims as alledge by the Department of Budget and Management. (DBO) I bring this to your attention Mr. President for we need that claim to pay for our debts that was incurred during the wake of my mother . Hoping for your kind attention regarding this matter, take care always and GOD bless!

  18. Jose Carmelo S. Decena

    Greetings again Mr. President. The name of my father who is a veteran is CARMELO LACSON DECENA and my mothers name is SOCCORO SABIO DECENA.

  19. Fidel

    Greetings Sir,

    Gusto ko lang po sana magsuggest kung pwede na mapag aralan ng DENR kung paano mautilize ung mga waste at garbage natin , after na maremove lahat ang mga papakinabangan na recycleables at bidegradeable materilas for bio-gas ay gawing Waterproof Blocks na pwedeng gawing Wave Breaker mula sa shore ng Ternate at Naic Cavite , towards the direction ng North.
    Gawin po itong Wave Breaker para macontrol ang pasok ng malalaking alon dulot ng habagat at maging sanctuaryo din ng mga isda at maliliit na mga bangka sa tuwing maglalakihan ang mga alon.
    Baka sakali po na makatulong ito sa pagsasasaayos din ng ating basura sa bahagi ng Manila, Cavite at karatig na mga bayan.

    Salamat po.

    Fidel Ricafrente

  20. connie o.lagman

    sayang po si DILG J.robredo!! dapat ang mga nakasakay sa eroplanong un ay ang mga mag nanakaw na kawani.boung puso po kaming nakikiramay sa kanyang pamilya.lam po namin nakay lord na sya.

  21. sherilin baira

    good morning po sana po may makabasa sa inyo nitong sulat ko hindi ko po alam kung kanino pa ako hihingi ng tulong ako po si sherilin baira taga tiaong quezon nagfile po ako ng rape case laban kay geronimo abante naghearing po kami sa regional trial court branch 59 sa lucena city kay judge alpajora bago po nagresigned or nagretire si judge alpajora tapos na po kami makapag presenta ng ebidensya ganun din po ang akusado bago po madesisyonan nagretire na nga po si judge alpajora ang hinihintay ko na lang po sana ay and desisyon ng kaso after more than two years po nakatanggap ako ng notice para po sa clarificatory hearing daw pumunta po ako sa branch 59 may kumausap po sa akin na empleyado ng branch 59 pinatatanong daw po ng bago nilang judge na babae kung payag daw po ako na umamin si geronimo abante sa acts of lasciviousness kinausap ko po ang fiscal hindi po siya ang fiscal nung nagbibista kami ang sabi ko po ay kung ano po ang maganda at dapat mangyari hindi po siya nagsalita tumango lang po tinawag po ang kaso tinanong po ng judge kay geronimo abante kung payag siya na umamin sa acts of lasciviousness pumayag po si abante binasahan po ulit siya ng demanda tapos po hinatulan siya at dahil po matagal na siya nakakulong lumaya na din po siya agad wala po ako nagawa kundi ang umiyak naaawa ako sa sarili ko pagkatapos ng mahabang panahon nagaksaya pa ako ng panahon ang daming naabalang mga testigo ko ganun din pala ang mangyayari sana po nuon pa ganun na ang ginawa bakit kung kailan po tapos na ang lahat nakapagpresenta na ng ebidensya at kung kailan submitted na po for decision at saka po ganun ang nangyari bakit po kaya hindi na lang dinisisyunan ng judge na un ang kaso wala po ako alam tungkol sa batas kaya nga po nagtatanong ako tama po ba ung ginawa ng judge at fiscal patay na po ang abogado ni abante nagappoint po ang judge ng bago abogado para kay abante ng araw ding iyon kaya nga po ang pakiramdam ko po ay pinagkaisahan ako ngayon po hindi ako makauwi ng tiaong quezon dahil may nagsabi sa akin na mga kaibigan ko na pinagbabantaan ako ni geronimo abante nagtext po ako sa empleyado ng branch 59 un pong may hawak ng record lalaki po sinabi ko po ang problema ko ang sabi daw po ng judge magfile na lang ako ng kaso laban kay abante na naman pagkatapos ganun din po ang mangyayari kawawa naman po ang mga taong nagpafile ng kaso pagkatapos ng mga paghihirap mauuwi lang sa wala pwede naman po siguro ninyo iverify sa regional trial court branch 59 lucena city lahat ng sinasabi ko dahil kumpleto po ang record nila sana po magkaroon ng saysay ang sumbong kong ito sa inyo at sana po mabawasan ang huwes na walang karapatang paglaruan ang buhay ng mga may kaso at kung ayaw niya gumawa ng desisyon wala po siya karapatang manatili sa pwesto niya sinisira lang po niya ang sinasabing katarungan wala siyang karapatang maging huwes
    salamat po

  22. mowell

    As far as I know ay ipinagbawal ni Pres, Aquino na isama ang mukha nya sa mga Tarpaulin, pero sa San Pablo City, Laguna, meron po. Paki-investigate naman po. Salamat

  23. Sundie

    Mahal na Presidente,

    Nais ko pong ipaalam sa inyo ang nangyayari sa inyong partido sa Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija, Ang Tatay ko po ay naitalaga ng inyong Partido na dadalhin bilang Mayos sa aming bayan, Nilakad po maigi ng aking ama ang pagpapakilala sa liberal at naging tapat sya dito kahit siya ay inaalok ng ibang partido, Sa isang iglap po, bigla nalang tinawagan ng liberal ang tatay ko at sinabing Si Mayor Laly Belmonte na kasalukuyang Mayor ng aming bayan ay siya ng dadalhin ng Liberal. Ganun nalang po ba iyon. Bigla silang naglalaglag ng tao. Maaari pong hindi niyo ito alam. Kayo po ang nag sasabi ng tuwid na daan. Marahil po ay ang nasa ibaba ninyong mga tao ay nalalakad. Kaya sa inyo po kami tumatawag mahal na presidente. Paki tulungan po kami na sa bagay na ito. Ang ama ko po ay si Col. Antonio G. Dela Cruz. Sir, Mr. President, Sana po ay makatanggap po ako ng inyong kasagutan. Maraming salamat Po. Pastora Sundie Dela Cruz Victoria.

  24. lourdesdelacruz

    dear mr.president,7yrs na po ako nakabalik from abroad sa zamboangacity.nakakadismaya na po ang present peace and order situation dito..parang nagiging routine na po ang killings thru riding in tandem,almost everyday nalang yan,.ilang years na yang ganyan…nakakatakot na,..ang kidnapping ay patuloy pa rin.kailan naming masisilayan ang peace and progress…para ng lalo pang lumulublob sa kumunoy ang ciudad nato.plese mr. presidnt,take time to listen to our grievances…thank you,

  25. Sarah Jane Bermejo

    To our respectable lawmakers, please vote on the RH Bill with our RIGHT, TRUE and MORAL CONSCIENCE grounded on man’s relationship with God.

    Sarah Jane Bermejo
    University of Santo Tomas

  26. Sarah Jane Bermejo

    To our respectable lawmakers, please vote for the RH Bill with our RIGHT, TRUE and MORAL CONSCIENCE grounded on man’s relationship with God.

    Sarah Jane Bermejo
    University of Santo Tomas

  27. emerlyn


    just want to suggest po with regards sa mga smokers. marami na po kasing may asthma na katulad ko sa Pilipinas at isa sa nakakapagtrigger nuon ay ang mga walang disiplinang mga naninigarilyo sa mga pampublikong lugar at mga pampublikong sasakyan… marami din pong mga bata at mga civilian ang naapektuhan… magkaroon po sana ng mahigpit n pagpapatupad ng no smoking policy especialy sa public places at magtalga n lamang ng lugar kung saan pedeng manigarilyo.. para rin po ito sa kalusugan ng mga Pilipino
    salamat po…

  28. emerlyn

    MR PRESIDENT,just want to suggest po with regards sa mga smokers. marami na po kasing may asthma na katulad ko sa Pilipinas at isa sa nakakapagtrigger nuon ay ang mga walang disiplinang mga naninigarilyo sa mga pampublikong lugar at mga pampublikong sasakyan… marami din pong mga bata at mga civilian ang naapektuhan… magkaroon po sana ng mahigpit n pagpapatupad ng no smoking policy especialy sa public places at magtalga n lamang ng lugar kung saan pedeng manigarilyo.. para rin po ito sa kalusugan ng mga Pilipino
    salamat po…

  29. tausugmoro youth

    sir,marami po ang nag aaply bilang guro sa DepEd Sulu pero palagi nalang walang ITEM ang respond ng Superintendent. Lately meron mga applicants hiningian ng mga employee sa DepEd Sulu ng pera para daw mabigyan sila ng ITEM.Meron din mga nagkapromote bilang principal at supervisor kahit walang sapat na educational qualification. Ano ba ang ginagawa ng mga officials ng DepEd sa mga ganitong gawain????

  30. tausugmoro youth

    Mr. President, tanong ko lang po, nakasaad po ba sa batas na dapat e-obliga ang mga guro na magbigay o mag-ambag ng sarili nilang pera para sa pagdaraos ng athletic association meet??? Halimbawa po dito sa SULU, ng nag daos po ng Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet(SPAAM)2012, hiningian po ng mga officials ng DepEd Sulu ang lahat ng mga guro (Elementary&Secondary)na nagkakahalaga ng 200 pesos po bawat isa. Alam po ba ito ng inyong tanggapan??? Ano po ang inyong reaksyon tunkol dito??? Ganito po ba ang “tuwid na daan”???

  31. tausugmoro youth

    Mr. President, pwede bang gawing boarding house ang school??? ang halimbawa po ay ang Sulu National High School sa Sulu.ginawa po ng PRINCIPAL parang boarding house ang kanyang office kase po duon sila natutulog kasama ang kanyang helper.

  32. mariano turgo

    hi mr.president pnoy I hope that you or people would look into the planed conversion of subic international airport into a teen park this is stupid and malicious plan by your people there in SBMA I hope that go through with the planned reno of the old MIA this is a waste of money use what we have in subic you will be creating match needed job’s here and subic sir pleace look into it thank you.

  33. Evelyn borras reconoce

    Honorable President Noynoy Aquino,
    Please check the New young Governor in Camarines Sur
    Villafuerte , He is doing new road construction in Pili Airport
    Make sure their doing a good drainage , cause during typhoon
    season last construction the Enginneer did not make a drainage
    Thats why it flooded the whole village. Please follow to make sure
    the people living there are protected.If not stopped the construction
    and also avoid and stop corruption.


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