Protesting DTI Sales Promotion Permit for Blogger Giveaways

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I just came across a blog entry saying that the DTI is requiring bloggers to get Sales Promotions Permits for their giveaways and raffles. Note that one of the pre-requisites for this is a Mayor’s Permit — which means you need an office and Barangay Permit as well. This is just ridiculous and I vehemently protest this policy.

Here’s the reality: majority of bloggers blog out of passion. They don’t earn money out of it! If ever they do, only a few make significant amount of cash on a regular basis. Giving away prizes through giveaways is a fun activity that thanks readers and drives traffic to the blog. This doesn’t guarantee any sales or revenue for the blogger.

Layers upon layers of RED TAPE
I’ve been in digital for a couple of years now and I can tell you that the DTI will ask for tons of documents and will even charge you fees (honorarium) so that you can just hold contests and promos. Putting this burden on bloggers is unfathomable! Bloggers don’t have the time and resources to be able to comply. Professional agencies have trouble with this. What more can we expect from people who aren’t in the advertising industry?

This is already a policy, we need to change it
I called Mike Palacios who was present in the meeting and he said that IMMAP didn’t push for this to happen. This is just what DTI told them during the briefing. This means that this is the current policy and hundreds of bloggers are probably violating it as of this writing. The next logical move is to have this amended. If ever this has to happen then we need to work with DTI to make sure that the application process has minimal fees involved and the processing is fast and efficient.

I’m more than willing to help out in the process. I heard that several groups are already planning on reaching out to DTI. If you need an extra hand, just let me know.

18 Responses to “Protesting DTI Sales Promotion Permit for Blogger Giveaways”

  1. banoy

    Oh please…. after national bloggers association.. and now this? hayzzz -__-

  2. Bert Padilla

    What are you suggesting right now sir? Is it still safe to run contests while specific provisions for bloggers are not yet finalized?

  3. John Ray Cabrera

    if you have brains and would like to get rich, work abroad. if you have brains but don’t want to get rich, work at R&D. if you have no brains and don’t want to get rich, bum yourself. if you don’t have brains but would like to get rich, work at the goverment office.

  4. John Ray Cabrera

    i have to make it clear that my statement prior to this applies to most, but not all. i respect carlo’s granddad(correct me if i’m wrong), sentaor blas.

  5. strawberry Princess

    that is so eefing ridiculous, and what will be the crime (tax evasion) for heavens sake I am a blogger and I dont even make a single cents from my blog but sometimes I do contest for my blog just because I am happy with the readers coming back to my blog. The money that I use are from my very own pocket which I am willing to spend for my readers. If I still have to undergo this process just to do some contest in my blog… well I rather keep my money and forget the contest…

    do they realize that out of a thousand bloggers, 1 percent are really making money and most are really just doing it for fun…

    I rather save the money for the contest and feed the street children rather than giving it to the hands of those greedy beast….

    “pwede ba ayusin muna nila ang bulok nulang systema wag ang mga nananahimik ang bunubulabog nila”

    hmp! this makes my blood boil…

  6. Josiah

    Can Blogger Contests be considered as ‘Parlor Games held live during special occasions utilizing a form of mass media’?

    According to the FAQ of of sales promotion of DTI NCR ( this is one of the sales promotion activities that are exempted from getting permits. :)

  7. The City Roamer

    I agree Carlo. The policy must be amended. The issue is frustrating. What’s more frustrating is how some people are reacting to this — unprofessional, finger-pointing and utter lack of respect to others.

  8. Colin

    DTI has a knack for stealthily coming up with a haphazard policies then passing it on like the cold virus without much notification.

    Show of hands, who here believes that DTI is doing this solely for the consumer and not because they wanted to cash-in on the online community?

  9. Smashzilla

    “Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible, impossible.”

    ‘Nuff Said.

  10. aileen

    hi. i’m writing an article on this issue for a magazine, and i would like to include your reaction. okay lang? can i include your name? :)

  11. Vikky

    These guys can’t even control illegal vendors on the streets and sidewalks, even as they clog our drainage pipes and create traffic. Now they want to control us?


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