Reader Question: What’s your advice to aspiring or new Internet Marketers and Bloggers?

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I got this question from Formspring (click to ask me anything). I have basic 3 tips that I want to share with Filipinos who are interested in a career in internet marketing, social media, or blogging. Before I go to the tips though let me just say that internet marketing is shaping up to be a very viable career path. Agencies, SME’s, and multinationals are looking for marketers who are net-savvy. In fact some companies have their own digital/internet marketing division! Anyway, check out my 3 tips after the break.

Tip 1: Don’t stop learning.
This is the most important lesson that I want you guys to take in. The problem with technology-based industries is that it moves so fast. If you’re the type that doesn’t enjoy learning then you probably need to pick a different career. If you’re new to internet marketing, I strongly recommend you buy and read the following books: Permission Marketing, Tribes, Six Pixels of Separation, Twitter Power, and Linchpin. These books are really good reads that will help you form a solid foundation on the principles of the internet and social media.

You might also want to follow local internet marketing practitioners. There’s Janette Toral and Jayvee Fernandez (though he’s more into diving now). Of course, don’t forget to bookmark New Media Philippines too (shameless plug).

Tip 2: Put it to action.
Put your money where your mouth is. You can’t talk about social media, blogging, and internet marketing if you haven’t actually done it yourself. I suggest that you start your own blog and please buy your own domain. Build a website for your company and promote it through the internet. If you can’t promote yourself or your own business online then how can you promote a client’s? Don’t talk about engaging customers with Twitter and Facebook if you haven’t actually proved it to yourself that it actually works.

Tip 3: It takes time.
Lastly, be patient. As the popular saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Your career won’t be made overnight. It takes a lot of credible, good, and quality work before you’re able to build a solid reputation and you can position yourself as an internet marketer. Keep on working the first two tips and believe me when I say that you’ll eventually get there. :)

Have a good long weekend everyone! Happy Independence day to all Filipinos reading this article!

3 Responses to “Reader Question: What’s your advice to aspiring or new Internet Marketers and Bloggers?”

  1. fjordz

    Though I’ve been into blogging for quite a long time now, I could say that I’m new to this medium. I still don’t have a strong background about how internet marketing really works though I’m starting to engage myself to various online webinars, ebooks and blogs talking about internet marketing.

  2. ysae

    i find your site very great. i think i found this while looking at some blogs that can help me in our ministry. It’s quite different when you have a Filipino writing for the Filipino.

    We’ve been blogging and we have a group that is also in the business of internet marketing (i don’t know if that’s the right term. It’s working well and your site can help us even better.

    God bless!


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