RECAP: 2012 Film, Animation, and Gaming Congress

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At the 2012 Film and Animation Congress at the CCP

We were invited to be part of the digital marketing and social media panel for the 2012 Film, Animation, and Gaming Congress which was held in CCP last Friday, July 27, 2012. We didn’t actually present via powerpoint during the session. It was more of a roundtable discussion but the exchange of ideas between the panelists which was brilliantly guided by the moderator brought out a lot of good insights.

In the panel were:

  • Mitchelle Moreno, Independent Film Producer
  • Bon Labora, Chief Chronicler, Agimat
  • Ricky Baizas, Digital Marketing Executive for Asia, Oceania, and Africa, Nestle
  • Carlo Ople, TNM EIC and TV5 New Media

The moderator was Doug Barry.

Some of the good points made during the panel discussion:

  • Mitchelle explained that marketing usually becomes an afterthought when it comes to producing films which is something they need to address. There are so many writers, directors, actors, etc. but there are only a handful of marketers for films.
  • Ricky championed the cause for increasing budget for marketing for films. He suggested a minimum of 50-50 when it comes to production and marketing. He also discussed several efforts of Nestle in working with independent filmmakers for their short film campaign.
  • Bon highlighted the fact that filmmakers should make their content more “relatable” to the international audience if they want those outside of the country to appreciate their work.
  • I zeroed in on the importance of the collaboration of production and marketing. Both groups should be involved in each other’s work if they want the project to succeed. Shared with them the Nandito Ako campaign featuring David Archuleta and how it trended in different countries everyday for the whole season.

There were a lot more points raised during the discussion. Hopefully the organizers release a video of our session so I can upload it here! :)

Thank you DTI and the event organizers for inviting TNM to be part of the event! By the way I was really touched when one of the conference delegates showed me her sketch of us! Cute!

Thank for the sketch Erica!

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