Selecting Blogger Brand Ambassadors

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Tips for selecting blogger brand ambassadors


Got an e-mail from a reader asking how they should select potential blogger brand ambassadors. I just have a few thoughts about this matter that I’d like to share with everyone. To make this quick and easy-to-understand I’ll put it in bullet points.

  1. Ask for all of their Google analytics data.
  2. Don’t get blinded with the Unique Visitors, Visits, or Page Views.
  3. Check where the traffic is coming from. If you’re product is selling here in the PH and 60% of his traffic comes from outside the country then it’s not really a wise move unless the traffic is really huge.
  4. Try to measure INFLUENCE. How? Check the NEW VISITORS metric. This shouldn’t be really high unless the blogger is doing a marketing campaign to drive traffic to his site. If this metric is constantly at 60-80% then that means he only has regular readers of 20-40% of his actual monthly numbers
  5. Check where the traffic sources are. Is it search engines? Correlate this with their bounce rate. Bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave after hitting their first page. If the search engine visitors are high and the bounce rate is high then that means the visitors don’t really follow the blogger at all. There are some bloggers who get 30-40% (or more) of their traffic from articles that aren’t even related to their niche.
  6. It should be WIN-WIN-WIN. Win for the blogger, advertiser, and the reader. Don’t spoon feed everything to the blogger because it might be WIN for you and the blogger (because he gets paid) but the one who loses is the reader. Get bloggers that REALLY believe and use your products. Also make sure that the blogger profile matches your target market.
  7. Check their social media accounts. How many followers on Twitter? What’s the quality of the tweets of the blogger? Check their Facebook fans. Is there any interaction going? Or is it all just one sided?
If there’s anything I’d stress from the points above is that advertisers shouldn’t get blinded with the traffic. It’s the quality the matters.

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  1. Fitz

    They should also check the number of subscribers.

    And aside from new visitors, they should check the monthly rate of increase of total visitors. A blog may only have 20% return visitors but if he or she gets 10% increase in visitors every month, then that’s a good consideration as well because that means the blog is getting new followers every month.

    Lastly, ask for the demographics. A lot of online tools, like Google Analytics, can now provide an estimate of the gender and age of the visitors. Moreover, they can get an idea of the blog’s audience by simply reading the comments on their posts.


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