A Simple and effective Facebook Landing Page

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When coming up with landing pages for your products you should always have a clear objective in mind. If you cram too much information on the page you’ll end up losing the lead and they probably won’t like your page. However if you come up with something simple and direct to the point then you have a good chance of getting them to join your community. For example, here’s the landing page of Jollibee’s online delivery service Facebook:

No clutter and distractions. A single message asking you to like them so you can get a chance to win freebies. Made me click. Hehe.

Don’t make the big mistake of just uploading a print poster as your landing page. That’s waste of time, effort, and resources. Have a solid strategy and define your objectives clearly — then execute.

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  1. Tristan

    Wow! Thank you for giving me idea about this Sir! Need ko talaga ng ideas on how to make my custom landing pages effective for my clients!


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