(Updated) Smart Bro Rocket: Php200 for 180MB usage?

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SMART has 2 HSPA+ products out in the market today – the Smart Bro Rocket Plug-it and the Smart Bro Rocket WiFi plus. Both run on a prepaid model. To use you’ll have to pay Php200 for every 180MB of usage. I was definitely perplexed with the rates because I know I wouldn’t be able to live on that kind of price point. I’m depend heavily on the internet for work, entertainment, and gaming. This made me think who the target market is for the Smart Rocket product line-up. I did some computations and I wanted to share them with everyone in this post.

Comparing Smart Bro Rocket with PLDT myDSL

Let’s say you download the following files on a WEEKLY basis:

  • Latest episode of Naruto (150mb)
  • Latest episode of Bleach (150mb)
  • Latest episode of Fringe (350mb)
  • Latest episode of The Mentalist (350mb)
  • Latest episode of Glee (350mb)
  • 1 Full Movie (700mb)

That totals up to 2,050mb per week. 8,200mb per month. How much is that using the Php200 per 180mb rate? Php9,111 per month. That doesn’t include the data consume from downloading e-mails, watching Youtube, and social networking. If you manage to connect to the HSPA+ network of SMART though that means you’re supposed to go up to 20mbps.

An alternative though would be to get the Smart Always On 995 pack which gives you 2GB (2,000mb) for 995. So if you regularly use 10,000mb monthly (10gb) that’s going to cost you around Php5,000.

What’s your other option? Let’s say we go with PLDT myDSL’s highest plan XCITE. You pay a monthly fee of Php3,000 and you get up to 5mbps “unlimited”. I think they also have a fair use policy but you can definitely get away with the usage I just posted above because that’s what I consume regularly and I’m using PLDT myDSL Plan 1995.


There are two types of internet connections: FIXED and MOBILE.

FIXED (DSL) provides steady, reliable, and consistent speed. But it’s grounded in one location and the speed has yet to go beyond 5mbps unless you use fiber optics (which is ridiculously expensive). Let me just stress the word “RELIABLE”. Each time it rains my 3G and HSPA+ signals drop, but PLDT myDSL is stable.

MOBILE (3G and HSPA+) is more for personal consumption while you’re on-the-go. It’s not meant to replace your internet connection at home. The actual speed also varies depending on your location because the signal is coming from cell sites. This means your 20mbps isn’t assured 100% of the time. Smart Bro Rocket falls in the MOBILE category.

So why buy the Smart Bro Rocket products? If you want a better, smoother, and faster MOBILE browsing experience then it might make sense. I’m talking about just social networking, e-mails, occasional Youtube watching, and downloading stuff every now and then. If you get several TV series and movies regularly from the ‘net then prepare to pay a premium for the speed or just subscribe to a FIXED internet connection like PLDT myDSL XCITE.

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