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Google+ has a lot of potential!

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My profile on Google+

After going through hoops in trying to activate my account despite several invites, I finally was able to get into Google+ and set-up my account. At first I was thinking that this was just another Facebook wannabe from Google but. . .

Scarcity creates value

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I was talking with a shoe collector here in the Philippines a few nights ago and he shared with me how the value of limited edition shoes appreciates rapidly even here in the local market. Nike has been releasing a. . .

New Friendster Beta Screenshots

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I decided to open my old Yahoo e-mail this morning and browse through my 55,000 unread mails (lol). One e-mail though caught my attention. It was an invite to check out the new Friendster Beta. I clicked on it, got. . .

What is Mobile Advertising?

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It is the next big thing in the advertising industry. Yes, I’m making that bold statement. Not because I work for the top telecommunications company in the country. But because I am one of the 86 million mobile subscribers the. . .

Pepsi Akin Ang Pinas Campaign

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Pepsi recently launched a new campaign called “Pepsi Akin Ang Pinas”. At the very center is a viral 2 minute video which features your typical 1980′s Filipino hero chasing the typical villain. It’s a really funny video and I strongly. . .

Microsoft teases the world with Windows 8

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Microsoft recently previewed Windows 8 to the world. It’s a radically new OS that unifies the tablet, phone, and desktop/laptop. Instead of the traditional desktop icons and the legendary lower left hand corner “Start” button, Microsoft adapted the “Tiles” look. . .