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Does your company have a Social Media Policy?

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A few days ago a Congressman filed a resolution calling for the regulation of social media activity in government offices. Congressman Romero Quimbo (2nd District, Marikina) filed House Bill 184 last Wednesday which proposes that government agencies should regulate social. . .

The Problem with Technology and Social Media

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People keep saying that having smartphones like the iPhone 4 or the BlackBerry will make you more productive because you have access to e-mail anywhere, anytime. Some also believe that social media channels can amplify your influence and reach when. . .

5 Key Issues for E-commerce in the Philippines

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This question on my Formspring inbox had me talking to a few friends and colleagues in the online shopping business for feedback and input. Basically e-commerce in the Philippines is a viable business model but there are several pitfalls and. . .