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To potential employers who want to post their job openings at our site, please send an email to with the following information:

Employer Details

  1. Company name
  2. Contact person
  3. Contact person’s email
  4. Contact person’s mobile number
  5. Company logo (200 x 200 pixels) attached to the email

Job Post Details

  1. Position available
  2. Job description (roles and responsibilities)
  3. Branch or location of the job posting
  4. Job requirements

Note: Employers have the option to keep their postings anonymous, i.e. company name and logo is not displayed on the job post. Just indicate on the email if you wish to do this.

8 Responses to “Post a Job Online”

  1. The New Media

    Hi! Employers may post their job openings here for free for as long as it’s related to digital marketing. Just follow the instructions listed above. We will also have to validate the post before we publish it on the website.

    • Tin

      Hi. I sent a request to post 4 vacancies however I did not and have not received any confirmation on the request. I followed the instructions as stated above.

      Please confirm on when the posting will be up and visible to job seekers. Thanks!

  2. Hector A. Javillonar

    Good Day! I’m actually looking for a job behind the camera. I just could not get through with the other category. Im currently working as Audio Visual Technician for TV commercials. Hope you could text or call me at 0928-9943270 or 0905-2958571. Thank You Very Much !!!!


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