TV5 Pits Willie Revillame against TV Patrol and 24 Oras

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TV5 should be given credit for their latest move. For the longest time the 6:30PM slot has been held by news programs. This is the time slot occupied by ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol and GMA 7′s 24 Oras. When Manny Pangilinan and the PLDT group acquired TV5 I thought they would go head on and pit their news program, Akyson, against the said shows. However instead of doing that TV5 is going to try to change the viewing habits of the Filipino people. Willing Willie will start airing late this October and it will be shown 6:30PM – 8:30PM. Willie Revillame will be having a showdown with Mike Enriquez and Ted Failon!

Blue Ocean Strategy?
This move reminds me a lot of the Blue Ocean strategy (BOS) which first came out in the book with the same title written by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. BOS is basically creating a new market space (or blue ocean) through differentiation so that you don’t need to out-perform the competition in the industry. In fact your aim is to just make them irrelevant. That’s what’s happening in this situation. Instead of Akyson facing off with other news programs, TV5 is going to put a totally different creature in the same time slot!


If you think about it the 6:30-8:30PM slot is usually the time where the Filipino family gathers at home to eat dinner or to just relax. The news alienates the kids from the parents since they’re probably not interested in listening to that kind of programming. Willing Willie, on the other hand, is something that appeals to the entire family.

No one can really say if this will work but one thing is for sure — a lot of executives in the broadcasting industry will eagerly wait for the ratings results of Willing Willie in the next few weeks! If ever Willing Willie trumps TV Patrol and 24 Oras then we might just see more noontime show type programming during early evenings.

20 Responses to “TV5 Pits Willie Revillame against TV Patrol and 24 Oras”

  1. Carlo

    I really don’t like Willie but I gotta give TV5 credit for this.

    This reminds me of when Singing Bee was on weekday evernings. I loved watching it then cause it was different and refreshing for that timeslot. I hated coming home from work then and seeing nothing but drama shows.

    But I do hope this is really for the family. I hope Willie doesn’t bring in his hordes of half-naked dancing ladies.

  2. gadabout

    Amen TV5! Amen! I had enough of the pitting rivals of abs and gma, when in fact they are just giving the same kind of sh**. :) Now TV5 is the station where they copy. go tv5!

  3. Cyrus Alcala

    The BOS resonates. Also, by subverting the usual noontime entertainment, you create a different side in effect that you can corner the audience easily.

    In the times where you can match “premium entertainment” brand by Willie versus the mundane shows of the others, the former seems to have the advantage on this.

    I think it is not 6:30pn but it is 5:00pm or maybe i am not sure.

    This case is not new but it can show how this move can be effective or not using the time slip.
    (Like the 5566 vs Meteor Garden&Co. in the past)

    Like a Beta software,maybe they’re just trying to experiment and check the pond for fishes.

    An interesting clash of ideas.

  4. Jung

    Willie appeals to me, and probably to millions of Filipino as well. He’s just so real and he’s just so flawed that many relates too him. He’s so human and so true, hehe!!!

    I’ve been very loyal to Channel 2 for its entertainment programs, I watch almost all their programs because C7 really can’t produce good entertainment program… But for the past few weeks, TV5 suddenly got my interest. QTV as well for its news and current affairs prog. it’s amazing how these small networks were able to produce quality news and entertainment… :) Well, tv5 is probably the 3rd force, and cannot be considered small, and gaining momentum.

  5. mona

    All the best to Willie. Taking into account his proven dedication to his job and his love for the Filipino people, there is no doubt, God will guide Willie to make his new show in TV5 a great success.

    God bless and good luck Willie

    • Anonymous

      Mona im very sure of what you said marami lang nainggit sa kaniya. Sana mag karoon muli dito sa
      USA ng channel para mapanood namin si Willie. For now i cancell my TFC tingin lang ako sa news kay Willie kung kailan siya/ sila magkaroon ng channel dito.

  6. plsburydoughboy

    Just to put it in perspective, the idea of challenging news primetime slot with alternative programmign isn’t new. ABS-CBN and IBC 13 did this with their game shows GameKNB, Deal Or No Deal and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. GMA actually set aside a meaty timeslot for their We Are Anime primetime slot, which kept on going throughout Erap’s impeachment proceedings and after he was deposed. In my mind, this was still the most daring of them all because adults were being made to watch cartoons with their children on primetime!.

    I give TV5 credit for trying it again, but let’s break from the idea that they are taking such a huge risk with this.

  7. bhe bhe

    America is waiting for TV5 to become international….we are so excited and be able to watch Willie again….we miss him so much. He is the only host we love….from the TFC subscribers….go Willie, we love you…

  8. bhe bhe

    We are watching Willing Willie everyday in internet, we are so happy to see him again in a show. Ang dami dami ng sponsors si Willie, iba talaga ang appeal ni Willie kahit saan siya magpunta sunod aang mga tao sa kanya…we love you Willie and God Bless you….good luck and stay kind to other people….

  9. pinoy ako

    Go willie! Down with abscbn, gma7 and and the “a” clan. hehehe!

    kainis na kasi puro lang utang na loob kahit ang pangit na gurang push pa rin nila sa lahat ng shows kasi may utang na loob sila sa family. wala na bang ibang tao para maghost ng show? buti pa si willie. nabadtrip sila kaya i like him na kahit ayaw ko sa kanya din hehehe! magulo ba? ganyan mundo natin. sana maging magulo lalo kasi ala namang kwenta buhay natin dahil ang gulo nila dinadamay pa tayo.
    in power sila kasi sila may network nakakakontrol ng information na nasasagap natin. pakialam natin sa away nila? kung masaya tayo sa pinapanood natin.

  10. Anonymous

    me, i pity TV5 for hiring Willie Revillame who is always a trouble maker ever many times he gave major major headache to channel again he is starting in TV5.poor Willie.just look back from where you belong an make a true to yourself and not be plastic.anyway God is watching of what you have done in this world.Amen.

  11. Jisa

    Me,honestly I DONT LIKE WILLIE!i pity TV5 why they hire Willie Revillame.He is a trouble maker.major major problem he will gave to the network.mamolubi kayo sa kakabayad sa caso at abogado masisira lang ang TV5 nyo.he is a legend of trouble maker.puro kayabangan lang.Wllie, be true to youeself and God is watching you of what you have done in this world.he knows kung nagpakatotoo ka or kaplastikan lang pakitang staka mga followers mo mga matatanda na gusto lang abotan ng pera araw araw.kaya mabangong mabango ka sa mga gurang na di nag iisip.GOOD LUCK TV5


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