Twitter (might) Prevent Car Theft

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Carjacking has been rampant recently and the public is not sitting on this one. Along with the series of car-related crime sprees are valuables taken – including lives of innocent people. Carjackers are now considered a grave threat among the citizens within the Metro. Regional police departments have been on full alert following the car theft incidents. The alarming number of carjacking incidents should urged people to augment their car security system aside from being vigilant during such situations.

Indeed, car theft is now trending within criminal minds. The surprising thing about car thieves is they’ve gone digital as well. Stolen cars are actually being sold on the Internet. An owner recovered her car online when a buyer posted an ad. But such incidents are rare where you can easily retrieve your car and ignore the fact that it’s been tainted by notorious elements. GPS systems for cars are simply a tool. Being a smart owner is still the best way to prevent any form of car theft.

Imagine this: Someone stole your car and you left your iPhone or Android phone inside, and well you just happen to have your tweets queued (scheduled tweets) is there a way to detect where your car is?

Here are two notable Twitter mapping tools that might help track and recover a stolen vehicle. They’re still in beta version, but will be very useful by the time they’re launched!


Stweet with Google Street View

A brilliant mapping tool that allows a user to see where the tweet came from in real-time, Stweet is an experimental service that’s actually a mash-up between Twitter and Google Street View. Though it’s far from being perfected and still on beta version, Stweet is one useful Twitter enhancement which provides a location-based view by the time it is improved.


Tweography: Putting your tweets on the map

Want to map out where your tweets have been sent from? Tweography is an excellent mapping tool. Better have a geo-location-enabled Twitter account so you can utilize Tweography’s functions. Tweography’s precise mapping allows a user to monitor his itinerary or better yet give him alerts about traffic situations in various areas. The down side of Tweography is that you’ll have a difficult time figuring how to integrate it with the Twitter accounts you’re following (unless you’re a Twitter API developer). Tweography’s developers will come up with a way for it to be used by many soon.

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  1. Colin

    Wow! Okay I’m not a huge twitter user, but given the usefulness of this app I may give it a go again. I love the stweet! Very spy stuff there…and speaking of spy, what about abuses on this technology for stalking purposes. O.o


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